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The Empress and Astrology
Venus & Mercury

September 2010

There are numerous ways to make correlations between the Tarot and Astrology. The Tarot's Empress is associated with the planet Venus as well as the sign of Virgo and consequently the planet Mercury.

«Think of planets as great planetary beings that have charge of the evolution of the earth.»

Venus Symbol Venus and its symbol

The circle above the cross or the spirit over matter. Venus is the power of cohesion and attraction. It draws things and unites people together through love.

"Venus is the first planet inside the earth's orbit. It refers to man's ability to bring into the field of his consciousness and inner life the results of his experiences." So is the Empress, the power to articulate and to bring conscious understanding to one's experiences.

The qualities that the Empress and the planet Venus have in common

Beauty - Culture - Esthetic - Art - Luxury - Love - Femininity - Refinement

Venus - Botticelli
The Birth of Venus (Botticelli)- Detail

Basic symbols of the planets
The circle
The circle represents boundlessness, the infinite, what doesn't have a beginning nor an end.
The crescent is a portion of the circle, it's the outer aspect, the personality, the finite.
The cross is the symbol of the earth, it gives a position in relationship to what is infinite. It represents the opposition between the human (the horizontal axis) and the divine (the vertical axis).
The crescent
The cross

Mercury Symbol
Mercury and its symbol

The Mercury symbol can be perceived as the glyph of Venus with a crescent on top of the circle, which is placed like a cup receiving outpouring energy from higher realms.

The Empress is also associated with the Virgo sign (ruled by Mercury), which represents the time of harvest and the principle of abundance. In that way, the notion of fertility associated with the Empress resonates with that zodiac sign.

Mercury rules the intellect, the intelligence and the mind, not the brain. The mind is the link between the soul and the personality. Mercury is called the "Messenger of the Gods". It's the planet of communication. The Empress and the planet Mercury are both a representation of the link between the spirit and the form.

The qualities that the Empress and the planet Mercury have in common

Intellect - Communication - Speaking - Brilliance - Alertness - Discrimination

"Venus, is fundamentally the capacity in man to give meaning and value to personal experiences. Mercury takes this meaning and value, records them in the brain tapes of memory, relates them to other records, classifies, abstracts and generalizes, and as a result a mind unfolds its latent powers." D. Rudhyar