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The Empress Within

Mai-Juin 2010

I, the Empress, dwell in the throat chakra (5th) which is the communication center. Its Sanscrit name is Vishuddha Chakra "the pure place." It is from that place that I exercise my power and articulate feelings from the heart (4th chakra) and convey ideas and thoughts from intuition and subtle perception from the third eye, (6th chakra), home of inner wisdom and doorway to heightened consciousness.

The concept of personality attached to the symbolism of an arcana finds its source in one's Path of Life or Tarot Chart Sequence. Click on this page to get further details about it. If you would like to know if the Empress is in your Tarot Chart, click here.

The Woman Empress: The bright sideMai-Juin 2010

I, Woman Empress, am naturally refined. I am attracted to beauty and power. Creativity streams constantly through me. I am its meeting and mating ground, therefore I am fertile and welcome the effervescence and abundance of the life. I am active and get easily involve in projects and future plans. In group, I am skilled in expressing myself and giving voice to my desires, wants and ideas. My leadership qualities are undeniable.
As a woman, I exude refinement. Like an artist, I create and build my self-image around my sense of beauty. I look for complementarity in relationship and I often need support from people who can see the value of my contribution. It's difficult for me to bring things to completion but I excel when it's time to initiate or start a project, to brain storm around ideas, to give the first push to make it happen.

Mai-Juin 2010

The Woman Empress: The shadow side

I am attached to the way I look, sound and physically appear which makes me live my life from the superficial layers of my perception. My inner light gets then covered by vanity and futility. From that place it's easy for me to abuse a position of power and transmute my leadership qualities into a tyrannical energy.
I can also become highly preoccupied by other people's opinion and often this prevents me to speak up and make myself heard. I, then, get into a submissive mode, a very painful state indeed. Consequently, I enter the unproductive waiting mode for something external to me to come and reveal who I truly am. My emotions and feelings get stuck and I often suffer from lack of self-esteem.

I move away from my limiting sense of myself when I remain lucid and compassionate at the same time. I feel fulfilled when I shine from within.