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A Second Chance

2010 is the 3rd year of the second cycle within the 21st century. It also marks the beginning of the second decade of the century. When a decade starts at a different point than the beginning of the cycle, it gives humanity a second chance to re-direct the flow of actions, thoughts and projections and realign itself to higher purposes than it started off with.

Mars 2010
A New Decade - A New Start

This cycle started 2 years ago in 2008 and will end in 2016. There are 11 cycles per century. 11 is a master number (repetition of the same digit within a number) and also the first number that cannot be represented by a human using his or her 10 fingers. This is why the last cycle of a century carries the power to overcome physical or material limitations, inviting the spirit to descend in matter, which is beautifully represented by the shape of the digit 1 itself; a vertical line channeling down spiritual energy upon the earth.

Once a new cycle starts it develops itself from the knowledge and experiences accumulated in the previous one as long as we accept our lessons and learned from our past mistakes. And if indeed, we would have started on the wrong foot then, a new decade is an opportunity to correct our stance and re-define our thinking process.

Sometime, historical events are mind striking in term of parallelism. The first 2010's exact-twin year in history is 1110 - a year 3 and a beginning of decade. That year, the first crusaders conquered Sidon, the most important Phoenician city; today's third largest-city of Lebanon. The First Crusade was a military expedition by European Christians to regain the Holy Lands taken by the Muslim conquest of Western Asia. Coincidently, the plot that led to the 9/11 attacks upon the USA began in 1996. 900 years earlier, at the end of year 1095, the Pope Urban II pronounced his sermon which would lead knights and peasants to fight the First Crusade, also called the Holy war!

Many astrologers' views and projections for 2010 converge toward a definite turn within the so-called War on Terror. They predict military actions against regimes that present a threat to the existing organization of power.

March 2010 is a decisive month. It's important to voice our disbelief in solving violence by violence. The promised intensity doesn't have to feed uncontrolled behaviors and constant plots against one group or another. It can ignite the furnaces of our creative minds to find a brilliant way to move away from what we've created in the past two years, the last cycle (1999-2009) and beyond. We can make of 2010 our second chance; the one that we don't blow.