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The Empress Personality in Man

July 2010

The concept of personality attached to the symbolism of an arcana finds its source in one's Path of Life or Tarot Chart Sequence.
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When a feminine figure represents the identity arcana for a man, there are always intricate subtleties to the personality behind it.

His love lifeJuly 2010

I am sensitive and sensible. I build my love relationship on tenderness and I easily internalize my passion rather than letting it pour out. However, it doesn't lessen the intensity of my feelings.
I need to have intellectual exchanges with my love partner and to bounce back and forth ideas.
On the outside, I am happy to follow rather than lead. I remain in a relationship as long as my mind stays engaged.
I have the tendency to flirt and navigate between several relationships at the same time. I need to process any conflicts through words first before I can face my emotions.

His business profile

I am a natural communicator. I like to be in a position from which I can convey valuable and valid information. This is why I am a good speaker, lecturer or any form of public speaking. I am articulate and it's easy for me to conceptualize a project or an idea. However, I am not the best at making it happen.
I am artistic and refined in my taste and choice. I like to be in power though often I don't have the traditional external look of a C.E.O., because I carry a form of femininity which makes me attractive on one side and create a barrier on the other. I win the battle by using the power of my mind.