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- 2010 -
A Universal Year of Creative Brilliance

A year vibration 3, opens widely the gates of creativity, allowing the energy of cognition, ignition and abundance to arise from within.

There is a wonderful exuberance, profusion and luxuriance around 2010.

Janvier 2010•Artists or artistic people can find in the world as it is today the renewed source of inspiration they are looking for.
•Scientific minds can make unprecedented discoveries that could bring new forms of communication.
•Politicians might thrive through brilliant speech.
•Mothers could make a great point to transmit knowledge to their children.
•Man could find themselves in awe by beauty.

This pulse of creativity by nature doesn't find immediate organization and form through which it can subsist or even manifest. Therefore, waste and agitation can take place instead of Creative Brilliance.

As in any form of energy, a vibration 3 has its own challenges and depending on the situation in which it comes in, results can be dramatically different. People suffering from illnesses could find themselves having to fight harder the proliferation of their diseases. Countries could see their boundaries and borders taken over by the irascible desire for conquest of power. Epidemics could thrive defeating proven medical treatments. For the sake of invention, engineers could move away from natural solutions and keep wasting mother Nature's precious resources. Governments could overspend their countries' wealth and create even more debts. During a year vibration 3, there is the threat of excess and lack of control of what has been created, leaving behind the bitter fruits of vanity.

Through its wisdom, the Tarot reminds us that discernment and lucidity are instrumental in managing this force that we name creativity. It's vitally important to constantly refine our perception and align our strength to a greater power that can be found at the core of our mind, below the thickness of our righteous believes, free from the impulsive desire to reduce everything to our narrow and egotistical vision.