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2011 NEWSLETTERS - Issue No 1

Manifestation and Concretization
The Power of The Emperor

January-February 2011

From 2010's creative brilliance, we are now entering a different field - the Emperor's territory, where boundaries become defined, where structures are built, where a sense of stability prevails.

2011 will be the year to build or establish the foundations from which a positive "r-evolution" can take place. 2011 is a time to give energy to the structures that support your life so that you get ready for an inevitable expansion which is awaiting for 2012. Solid foundations will sustain and endure any form of stretches or challenges.

PROJECTION FOR 2011 - If you have been...
it's a great time to get published.

seriously dating
it might be time to get married.

it's a great time to find what you have been looking for.


it's a great time to exhibit your work.


it's a great time to land.


it's a great time to be tested.

making decisions

it's a great time to secure your choices.


it's a great time to anchor.

projecting and planning

it's a great time to get started.


it's a great time to settle.


it's a great time to gain inner strength.

How to calculate your year vibration for 2011
Take your day of birth + your month of birth + the current year
If your date of birth is the 12th of March, you calculate:
12 + 3 + 2011 = 2026 (Note: Do not reduce 2011 to 4 or 11 as we do for dates)
Then you proceed to reduce this result between 1 and 22
2 + 0 + 2 + 6 = 10
You are in a year 10, the year of the Wheel-of-Fortune.
To know more about your arcana for 2011, visit the Arcanas Gallery, choose the commented version of any deck of your liking, then click on the arcana itself to find the positive and negative attributes attached to that particular Tarot card. If you want to know what Tarot cards are attached to your name click on this link and follow the steps as explained on the page.