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October, an energy transition
going unnoticed most of the time!

La roue et la verticale

The month of October marks the subtle transition between one vibration and the next. It corresponds to the first step of the season shift into another. We are, of course, talking about the “human” seasons, which are linked to numbers and their symbolics, intimately related to the Tarot’s which looms behind all those numbers and their infinite combinations. The other major step is the well known shift of the new year, which marks the emergence, without contestation, of that new vibration.

X to XI
Those numbers represent frequencies. To go from one season to another is like changing tonality in music; it creates a new ambiance, an atmosphere appreciably different and sometimes it gives another dimension to a theme, a melody, even to a same old tune - since we are in the season of the Wheel-of-Fortune for 2017 - already present. If we expand the comparison to the seasons in nature, the same field in winter or in spring doesn’t have the same look, colors, nor even the same light though it remains at the same place.

Those changes are also legible and decipherable for the inner seasons we subtly come across without necessarily knowing their names. To name them helps us to recognize their numerous and varied manifestations within our daily life. This is one of the reasons I decided to take some time to write this article in order to bring more awareness to this October transition which could go unnoticed yet again.

It’s during the month of October that the first faltering steps, murmurs and beginnings of the upcoming season take place. It will be from a universal view point, the season 11 so-called “alignment.”

Even though the numerological calculations are based on the calendar, nonetheless there is a natural progression which goes beyond the arbitrary division of time. The seasons overlap one another, thus mixing their energies during almost five months, which means until the end of February of each year. The proportions of that blend constantly shift because the upcoming energy is in an ascendant movement whereas the established is progressively diminishing down to its exhaustion. That energy will then go underground until the following cycle. As a reminder, a cycle takes place over a nine year period.


From 10 (The Wheel-of-Fortune) to 11 (Strength)

When Consciousness with a capital “C” is at the rendezvous, the shift between 10 and 11 could be summarized as following:

From playfulness to mastery and from opening to responsibility

The season 10, linked to the Wheel-of-Fortune is the renewal season and to borrow a recently created word by the contemporary French philosopher Arouna Lipschitz, it would be even more accurate to call it the “newal” season.

“The notion of “newal” is an invitation to welcome new psychic particles, new organic cells, new star dusts of soul, though belonging to us they didn’t have yet the possibility to penetrate ourselves, to settle within us.” Arouna Lipschitz ~ Au fil du réel

The season 10 is called “regeneration” during which we “newal” ourselves, we plant new seeds, we lay new foundation while opening ourselves to a myriad of infinite possibilities from the creative force which meets us with a fresh impetus. It’s a season when we flirt with audacity, risk and also with temptation to answer life’s enigmas without getting caught up by fear of making a mistake, being inadequate or not being able to rise to the occasion. It’s a real inner profusion whose vitality, not yet totally tamed, overflows and animates us as a group, since it’s about the shift between one universal season and another. If you read the first article for 2017, you know that all individual on the planet are not necessarily in the universal season.

To come back to that season, in 10, we’ve got to be in it to win it, so we open ourselves with enthusiasm to this still fragile and uncertain future. We are saying “yes” to life.

[How do I know my personal season? See notes at the bottom of the page.]

X to XI - 2It is from this vortex, because we must not forget the wheel can turn very quickly and consequently can create vertigo, that the need to focus is going to become inevitable. It’s a sign from the dawning but powerful verticality which is going to penetrate the circle and imperceptibly appear and settle. It’s the essence of the season 11, so-named “alignment” which starts to suffuse and channel this plethoric energy which, without it, could get to the explosion of its intrinsic power or to the contrary, could get to confinement in perpetual repetitions even up to a state of inertia, as a solution for something which is beyond us and for which we don’t have any control.

A year 11 is a really demanding year because after the spring opening comes the time to master what we have created, all what we have given birth to and the responsibility that comes along with it. To make a few simple analogies, it’s not enough to give birth to children, to create new weapons, to put in place new plans of action, new chemical products etc… it is vital to remain the guides for those children and be the master for those weapons or chemical products to avoid any form of excess.

The arcana XI, Strength, is also the hand which is going to grasp the handle left available on the preceding arcana. In October, as an earth family, we are going to discover, in our own way, that availability is no longer enough and a new stance is progressively going to be necessary and it doesn’t have to be without us knowing if we remain tuned into the demands life will simply provide. It’s that vertical posture which is nothing else but the alliance of the ascending and descending forces in a central point of harmony and deep equilibrium from which emanates the tranquil power of being, self-confidence and unconditional love.

However, if Consciousness with a capital “C” is not at the rendezvous, the equation is not quite the same and we could synthesize it in the following words:

From stagnation to conflict and from shutoff to power abuse

The need to focus, which is challenged by a shutoff posture from others or ourselves, shifts itself into being controlling, which is closely linked to a pattern based on a dominant-dominated model. We witness then a form of stiffening of our position which opens the arena for verbal, physical, psychic violence as the only solution to this creative outburst we mentioned above, or to the contrary, a weakening of our spine symbolizing our verticality and self-esteem, giving in under the pressure of the jungle law. Those blinded by violence will inevitably take advantage, most of the time without knowing it, of our own self-hatred which eats us up from within.

X to XI - 3Curiously as one might think, to be in control is not synonymous with taking responsibility. How many political leaders, for example, created or took decisions for which they never assumed the consequences which might have come to life decades after them having been in office.

The arcana XI, Strength is at the center of the Tarot deck, half way to the realization of this initiation path made of twenty-one steps. [The Fool, having no number is considered separately.] The so-called season of “alignment” is a decisive step. Last time this season was around was in 2009, when we were coming out of the global financial crash among other things.

Here are a few events from then to incite contemplation and reflection. All global events can transpose at an individual level. I let you make the “bridges” between you and the world.


The arcana XI in its conscious dimension is, as the following examples demonstrate, connected to:
splendor of mastery and control of one’s own creation - unison and unity - strength is unity - work for peace - reconciliation - healing wounds of the past

January 2009 - Thanks to his flying skills and knowledge of his work, Chesley Sullenberger lands flight 5449 from the US Airways on the Hudson river and saves the lives of 155 passengers without the least scratch.

August 2009 - The first Latino-American woman accesses the US Supreme Court.

October 2009 - Barrack Obama, the first Black American President takes office in January and obtains the Noble Peace Prize in October.

November 2009 - For the first time a German Chancellor is present beside the French President for the 1918 Armistice commemoration.

The arcana XI in its contracted dimension is, as the following examples illustrate, connected to:
unresolved conflicts - self-hatred, hatred - inner conflicts - mastering a skill to hurt others - forcing the way - breaking one’s promises made to oneself, someone else or people of a country - seizing power by violence - impossibility to agree because of conflict of interests without taking responsibility for your own creation - violence based on ideology

December 2008 - January 2009 - The Gaza War

March 2009 - Shooting in Winnenden, Germany, T. Kretshcmer kills 15 students and teachers and ends up killing himself.

May 2009 - North Korea proceeds to its second nuclear missile launch since 2006 and initiates the breaking up of the 1953 Armistice treaty which had put an end to the Korean War.

June 2009 - Military Coup in Honduras

November 2009 - Climate Change Copenhagen Conference: the outcome of the negotiations are disappointing. Ecologists consider it a failure.

December 2009 - The Pope Benoit XVI is attacked by a woman.

One more time, I enjoyed looking for political leaders to add to all the possible season transitions. I unfortunately didn’t find examples for all of those.

Kim Jong-un, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Hillary Clinton and Prince William will shift from 10 to 11.


You can also play and crossover between the two suggested synthesis below because no one can be held in a contracted dimension of oneself. For example, if you are in a year 11 in 2017 and you lived it under the pressure of a conflict, nothing prevents you to experience your year 12 under the auspices of detachment and to cultivate witness consciousness.

Passage du 11 au 12

Transition from 11 to 12
from inner harmony to witness consciousness
from conflict to blockages

It will be the case for Justin Trudeau and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Passage du 12 au 13

Transition from 12 to 13
from detachment to great transformation
from obstacles to destruction

It will be the case for Donadl Trump, Christopher A. Wray, Theresa May and Pope Francis

Passage du 12 au 4

Transition from 12 to 4
from detachment to reconstruction
from resignation to precariousness

It will be the case for François Hollande

Passage du 13 au 14

Transition from 13 to 14
from building new inner/outer foundations to metamorphosis of being
from deep destroying cleanse to external or internal conflicts

It will be the case for Wilbur L. Ross, Jr.

Passage du 13 au 5

Transition from 13 to 5
from great necessary transformations to faith in evolution
from resistance to change to moralizing dogmatism

It will be the case for Barrack Obama and Emmanuel Valls

Passage du 4 au 5

Transition from 4 to 5
from structuring to heart opening
from insecurity to intolerance

It will be the case for Shelly Glover

Passage du 14 au 15

Transition from 14 to 15
from lightness of being to audacity
from conflict to adversity

It will be the case for Ségolène Royale and Benjamin Netanyahu

Passage du 14 au 6

Transition from 14 to 6
from fluidity to mutation
from confusion to indecision

It will be the case for Marion Maréchal-Le Pen

Passage du 5 au 6

Transition from 5 to 6
from compassion to selfless service
from moralizing dogmatism to unhealthy compromises

It will be case for the Dalai Lama, Michael R. Pence and Marine Le Pen

Passage du 15 au 16

Transition from 15 to 16
from lucidity to inspiration
from decline to disillusion

Passage du 15 au 7

Transition from 15 to 7
from negotiation to success
from abuse of power to invasion

It will be the case for Sean Spice, Michel Temer and Benoît Hamon

Passage du 6 au 7

Transition from 6 to 7
from commitment to success
from ambivalence to lack of motivation

It will be the case for Alain Juppé and Dimitri Medvedev

Passage du 16 au 8

Transition from 16 to 8
from state of grace to integrity
from failure to its consequences

It will be the case for Mike Pompeo

Passage du 7 au 8

Transition from 7 to 8
from dynamism to prosperity
from contradiction to disorder

It will be the case for Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Prince Harry

Passage du 8 au 9

Transition from 8 to 9
from clarity to wisdom
from inflexibility to indifference

It will be the case for Queen Elizabeth II of England, Nicolas Maduro and Aung San Suu Kyi

Passage du 9 au 10

Transition from 9 to 10
from reflection to opening
from egoism to inertia

It will be the case for Malcolm Turnbull, Vladimir Putin and Jame Comey

The nature of the Wheel-of-Fortune is to turn isn’t it? However the direction in which it turns is inseparable from the level of consciousness of whom is giving the impulse and holding the handle.

“The wheel partakes of perfection suggested by the circle, but with a valence of imperfection, because it is linked to the future, to continuous creation, and therefore to the contingency of the perishable.” J. Chevalier ~ Dictionnary of Symbols
How to calculate your personal year vibration for 2017 and/or 2018
Take your day of birth + your month of birth + the current year
If your date of birth is the 30th of December, you calculate:
30 + 12 + 2017 = 2059 (Note: Do not reduce 2017 to 10 or 1 or 17 as we do for dates)
Then you proceed to reduce this result between 1 and 22
2 + 0 + 5 + 9 = 16
You are in a year 16, the year of the Tower.
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