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The Hermit and The Ho'oponopono Prayer

Inner Structure

Have you been busy? Clearing, drawers and cupboards of your past? Perhaps adding a little more to the pile of your regrets, trying to cauterize those old wounds that keep bleeding into your present time?

Hannah Sembely, a French psychologist, has recently published a wonderful book on the practice of Ho’oponopono. For many of you, you know how keen I am of that wondrous way of cleaning and erasing difficult memories deeply lodged within your subconscious mind. Inspired from Hannah Sembely’s recent book: “Ho’oponopono - The Hidden Side", (unfortunately not yet published in English) I would like to give you a few key points to help you to make the best out of a year 9. She wrote:

The Uncomfortable Nest

“There are not only memories and wounds to clean, there are also a mind and a psychology attached to keep those memories in place, to the point of creating an uncomfortable nest out of them, but a reassuring one.”

2016 will show you not only what you have to assess; what your commitments are to clear and get rid of those memories, but also how much you are attached to keep them even though they are binding you to what you don’t like, to what doesn’t make you happy.

Desert FathersThe Hermit transports the images of the reclusive monk, the desert fathers, the saddhu, the sage, the solitary man and many others and within the Tarot deck he carries number 9, which is after 8 and before 10. The 9 is the dawn of the 2 digit numbers, which are just a repetition of single figures. So between evolution or repetition, 2016 will make a difference and therefore what happens during this year is crucial. Evolution is a promise but it requires leaving behind what is not supportive, which could be what you are the most attached to. The Hermit urges you to turn within, to see your reflection in everything and everyone you come across and accept the auspicious responsibility to recognize your projection. If you look at the Tarot as an initiation path, the Hermit comes back to retrace the same path but he is guiding from the heart this time. And this is where the Ho’oponopono method and the energy of the Hermit meet.


Clearing requires only one thing: LOVE. It’s because of love that old patterns of suffering can shift and transmute into infinite possibilities, into inspiration, into what Dr Len call the “Zero state”, the “Zero limits” a pure state of inspiration. From that state, nothing has been written yet, nothing has been thought yet. As you empty the reservoir of conditioning and old programing, a state of being surfaces from which you can turn the page of your current chapter or scenario and land on a fresh, beautiful and immaculate blank page filled with possibilities beyond imagination.

If you’ve never done it before, 2016 is a year during which you can approach your difficult memory with love and care because a trauma is always created in the absence of love. To pour love upon your most delicate wounds will help you to let go of the structures that you’ve built to protect yourself from feeling those wounds. Everyone knows as far as the physical body is concerned that it’s always worst to hurt yourself again on the site of an old injury. This is true for more subtle wounds such as abandonment or injustice

Here is the Ho’oponopono prayer. Only four little sentences but so powerful!

I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you

What I really like in Hannah Sembely’s book is her explanation on how to use the prayer. She answers very clearly the following basic questions:

To whom do you address your prayer?

To your inner child who carries your painful memories and who has been left alone with that immense weight.

To whom do you ask for forgiveness?

To your inner child who is your sub-conscious mind where all memories are lodged.

Who do you love?

Your inner child and the memories he or she carries.

Who do you thank?

You inner child who has shown you through a concrete event or situation in 2016, the wound that you need to attend and pour love on.

Who are you in relationship to your inner child?

Your are the mother - the conscious mind.(Regardless your gender)

Who would the Hermit be representing in the Ho’oponopono system then?

Your memory box.

2016 represents the giant memory box of humanity which is facing a major cleanup time…

[Click on the following link Ho'oponopono OR Dr Len's website to know more about it.]
How to calculate your personal year vibration for 2016
Take your day of birth + your month of birth + the current year
If your date of birth is the 12th of March, you calculate:
12 + 3 + 2016 = 2031 (Note: Do not reduce 2016 to 9 or 16 as we do for dates)
Then you proceed to reduce this result between 1 and 22
2 + 0 + 3 + 1 = 6
You are in a year 6, the year of the Lover.
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