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Love and Harmony

Issue no 2

Harmony is created by the capacity to adapt to the differences without losing our sense of integrity. It’s our innate ability to coexist with others. It is not a compromise nor an arbitration. This capacity to resonate in sympathy with someone or something is known as compatibility. Harmony, integrity and compatibility are energies that are all represented by the eighth Tarot Arcana “Justice,” which is the year vibration for 2015.

Justice-coinLet’s explore what are the other vibrations that echo in sympathy with 8. What we name “sympathy” can take many forms such as complementarity, affinity, affection, union, attraction, interest, agreement, benevolence or alliance.

Because February is the month of Valentine’s day, we are going to particularly look at complementarity.

First of all, keep in mind that a frequency can be experiences at different levels. A high 8, will be at the exact opposite than a low 8. For instance, the capacity of adaptation is one of the high level of expression of the vibration 8; it’s low form would correspond to rigidity but both of these manifestations have the same energy root.

Moon-coinAll numbered major arcanas (except for 21) form a pair with another one. 1-11; 2-12; 3-13; etc... so 8, “Justice” pairs with 18, “The moon.” To understand the principle of a Tarot pair, you have to think of a coin. There are two sides for one unit. The sides are in opposition but inseparable from one another. So a pair can bring a great complementarity between two persons and will resonate at a subconscious level as a perfect match. However, the differences between those two individuals will be highly accentuated. The willingness to offer what would create a sense of wholeness (the coin) without making a judgment about either of the oppositional forces will in return generate balance, harmony and love. Let’s look at just a few aspects of the two sides of 8-18: precision, implacability, perspicacity of Justice (VIII), pairs with immensity, mutability, reflectivity of the Moon (XVIII). They complete one another and are in essence inseparable. They find their total expression through that intrinsic connection that is duality in its most sublime shimmering patterns of harmonious and balanced reality. The high 8 will pair up with a high 18 and vice versa. This is also true for the lows of that vibration. We then, witness precision mutating into sterile perfectionism, implacability into intolerance, perspicacity into criticalness which in return will resonate with vagueness, instability and illusion. It’s astonishing to see how just a few words correlating directly to this vibration 8 can describe so painfully some of the world events of early 2015.

"Justice and The Moon are the two faces of perfection." A. Jodorowsky

In 2015, mutability and flexibility are the keys to restore tolerance, and clarity of perception a cure to instability.

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