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A New Universal Cycle Begins

A New Cycle

I am really happy to meet you all again through this article. The year 2017, as well as 2008, marks a beginning of a new cycle for humanity to which every one of us is like a living cell in co-participation with its entirety. Each of us has a role to play at the core this renaissance already so well talked about. This is the reason why I am not going to repeat what has been said by astrologers, visionaries from all walks of life or quantum philosophers. I invite you to surf the internet to read about it.

The Wheel-WangIn 2017, we will all be benefiting from the cleaning that many human beings took very seriously in 2016 and which, consequently, has prepared an auspicious ground for this long-awaited regeneration. By “cleaning” I mean our capacity to understand and accept our part of co-creativity in all apparently external movements, whether it’s just an unsettling discussion with a friend or shattering events which left the world nations in mourning. From there, our will to work with our therapeutic, artistic, philosophic or other tools in order to put through the wringer our little neurotic habits as individuals so that those broken links at the core of our genealogies, families, enterprises, neighborhoods, borders, etc… can be restored.

So, a beginning of cycle, it’s all very nice and interesting but what about you if you are somewhere else in your cycle?

Today, to turn ourselves toward this renewal, I’m going to develop a few revealing correlations between the universal year and your personal year.* For quite some time now, I have been relying on Tarot Numerology, which never ceased to reveal its depth while remaining very precise, sometimes in astonishing ways. Within this system, 2017 is a year 10, the year of the Wheel-of-Fortune. To discover your personal year (according to Tarot numerology) see the calculations below.


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The Wheel of Fire
If you are in personal year 10 - The Wheel-of-Fortune
It’s really a good time to let yourself be carried by the enthusiasm generated by the new cycle. You are in sync with the universal wave, so put yourself in its trail and surf on the renewed energy present globally and omnipresent in every mind. We can say it. It’s colossal! Keep in mind though, that there is always a vulnerability aspect in a start up, no matter what is starting; a project, a child, a new government, etc… and before having reached cruising control, you must go through the first gears which are not always supple or fortunate and you must know how to tame what hasn’t been totally mastered. Like a mother, take care of what has started to grow within you, protect its fragility while believing in its potential.

If you have been recycling old habits and you didn’t put an end to some of your dark bits and pieces, don’t expect a re-volution of the Wheel-of-Fortune but rather a re-petition of what you already know. A feeling of insecurity could show up at your door because everything is quite uncertain at the beginning of a cycle. The 2017 events and encounters could touch a raw and uncomfortable spot in you. Your gage will be not to isolate yourself and to maintain contact with those who are walking the path of consciousness and whose life philosophy could help you to accept changes, particularly from people in your surroundings who are in year 9 or 12 in 2017.

[Kim Jong-un (North Korea), Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico), Fernando Zavala Lombardi (Peru), Hillary Clinton (USA), Joko Widodo (Indonesia), Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia), Amma (Spiritual Leader), will be in year 10 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 11 - Strength
You are in a perfect position to take charge. The Wheel-of-Fortune handle is waiting for your grasp and your capacity to remain centered in order to bring a pacific contribution so important at the beginning of this cycle. Find the common points which bond together those who surround you, so that the people in doubt and fear can see the value of rallying forces. You intimately know that it’s not the time to play solo but to let joint efforts and available energies converge toward unity. Your self-confidence is inspiring and will open doors for you. Slightly ahead of time, you will be sought for your expertise and your mastery will probably be tested but also recognized. You will bring a form of coherence, greatly needed in 2017. However, expect to see your threshold of tolerance to be not as high as usual and to have some sort of difficulties with the first faltering steps of the new cycle or you may lack compassion for those who haven’t learnt their life lessons from last year.

If you spent 2016 avoiding your responsibilities and maintained a form of status quo, 2017 might find you where you carefully hid yourself behind the mask of impassibility whereas in fact a non-accepted anger pollutes your inner life and intimacy. Your discomfort will be your best ally because it will show you the way to go in order to disengage the mechanisms in place in your life and in the community to which you belong.

[Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Turkey), Muhammad Nawaz Sharif (Pakistan), Justin Trudeau (Canada), Klaus Werner Iohannis (Roumania), Miloš Zeman (Czech Republic), Ram Dass (Spiritual Leader), will be in a year 11 en 2017]
If you are in a personal year 12 - The Hanged-man
Slightly going against the 2017 current, your personal gamble will be to answer all the questions that life will throw at you, because it will be through a new perspective like yours, that the new cycle could be protected from any unfortunate repetitions of the past. Receptive and feminine guardian of the new world in emergence, you will observe it growing up without concretely participating in it. In some ways, it’s not up to you to put your shoulder to the wheel. However, your benevolent authority will bring lots of softness and healing to the open wounds of humanity. Patience will be there. You will know how to align yourself to the energy of acceptance which is abundant at the beginning of a cycle. You will let yourself be impregnated by this renaissance which will find its full meaning late 2017 but mainly in 2018 as far as you are concerned.

If, on the other hand, you didn’t solve the conflicts which were raised in 2016, you could come against strong resistance and to attempt to force this through would be definitively not recommended. On the other hand, humility will come to your rescue in order to untie the knots that are holding you to the pillar of illusion and of misconception of yourself and others. You will have a slight tendency to put a spoke in the wheel because the universal energy could go too fast for you or in a direction to which you are not completely ready to go. The most dangerous spoke will obviously be the unconscious one. Stepping back and avoiding an never-ending questioning will be desirable so that the movement of the new cycle is not held back. Having said that, the movement of the new cycle will be the strongest. Keep in mind the little gentle blade of grass which always ends up breaking any piece of reinforced concrete.

[Donald Trump (USA), Francois Hollande (France), Pope Francis (Vatican), Bashar al-Assad (Syria), Omar el-Béchir (Sudan), Eckhart Tolle (Spiritual Leader), will be in a year 12 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 13 - The Arcana without a name
The alliance between both energies 13 and 10 is rather explosive and powerful. The power of transformation of 13 works in partnership with the renewal forces of 10. It’s going to be difficult to remain indifferent or to stay on the sidelines. Your involvement is total and your efforts will be supported by the collective desire for change. You can expect lots of commotions in the literal sense of the term as well as figuratively. What you’ve done in the past, as good as you did it, is no longer relevant. What you haven’t done yet, whatever your reasons, can’t be postponed any longer. The emergency to make a clean sweep and to press the reset button, will be amplified by this new cycle. You will bring to it some rigor and your need for efficiency will push you to not waste any time. Your place is the fuel of the Wheel-of-Fortune which alone, doesn’t turn.

If you have been burying your head in the sand in 2016, you are not going to feel well prepared to negotiate a 180-degree turn. You will feel a sense of pressure. You might be tempted to grab hold of some securing traditional values or take refuge in a justified pessimism that politics and the economy in general could once again prove you right. That being said, it would be a pity to let such a beautiful energy pass by and not to mobilize your strength to put in place or in motion what is precious for you.

[Abdel Fattah al-Sissi (Egypt), Xi Jinping (China), Barack Obama (USA), Shinzo Abe (Japan), Michel Aoun (Lebanon), Thich Nhat Hanh (Spiritual Leader), will be in a year 13 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 14 - Temperance
You, more than anyone else, will know how to protect and transmute the gains from the past and you will stand against any form of waste that a beginning of cycle could bring forward under the pretext of renewal. You will favor the links already in place in order to use them as a useful and reusable energy channel or conduit in order to grease the wheel so that it can smoothly turn without hick-ups. Your fluidity will bring a sense of harmony. Therefore, you will be able to defuse some hotbed of tension and conflicts before they develop into unmanageable proportions. Your listening skills will allow you to welcome others without judging them and to receive them without overly mothering them.

If you remained overcautious in 2016 with the transforming energy present during that year, you are going to be confronted with your tendency to recycle old beliefs and decrepit principles which are no longer needed and are no longer fulfilling their functions. The new cycle more than likely will show that to you and you will have to unearth in yourself what nourishes, sustains and justifies them. Similarly to a year 12, to attempt to force things through is definitively not recommended because it’s a time to live and express your compassion.

[Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), Michael Higgins (Ireland), Philippe VI (Spain), Fayez el-Sarraj (Libya), Salva Kiir (South Sudan), Ryke Hamer (New Medicine), will be in a year 14 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 15 - The Devil
The relationship between 15 and 10 will reside in the audacity to start something new or to make the first move without having, ahead of time, marked out every single step of the way. You will contribute to this renewal by offering a lucid glance on situations and events surrounding and relevant to you. You will know how to say “yes” to adventure and you will give yourself the permission to dare doing what has seemed impossible before. 2017 will be the time during which you could let go of longstanding attachments which have more or less prevented you to embrace your personal power.

If, on the other hand, you repeated the same old tune all along 2016, you are going to view the beginning of this cycle from an unfavorable light. Your attachments could take on exaggerated and disturbing proportions so that you can identify them better and find equitable negotiations between the different parts of yourself at play. Manipulating situations could become a temptation, but know that they will not last too long before the situation could turn against you. Your power or you position within your family, enterprise, relationships, etc… deserves an outstanding sense of ethics.

[Michel Temer (Brazil), Sauli Väinämö Niinistö (Findland), Guoni Thorlacius Jóhannesson (Island), Deepak Chopra (New Medicine), will be in a year 15 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 16 - The Tower
Your way to contribute to the new cycle will be to question the well-established beliefs which underlie an enterprise, a project, a relationship, etc…. in which you are involved. You are here to bring mind-blowing ideas and concepts without claiming ownership. Your strategies will respond to the new cycle’s needs so that it can take off. The inherent enthusiasm from a year 10 will encourage you to go further in the expression of your authenticity of being, even if it means surprising the people and colleagues close to you because it’s your time to reveal yourself in all your magnitude. You will be a true source of inspiration for this new cycle.

If indeed, you avoided to act transparently and you more or less manipulated situations and people surrounding you in 2016, you are likely going to come back to earth with a bump or seriously feeling dizzy when your mental constructions start to collapse like a pack of cards. Even if they are difficult to learn, the life lessons from 2017 will be perceived later on as pure moments of grace.

[Bill English (New Zealand), Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev (Uzbekistan), will be in a year 16 for 2017]
If you are in personal year 4 - The Emperor
Your role is to anchor the new cycle through concrete and delineated measures. You represent the earth connector whose function is to insure the security in relationship to the risk of electrocution. The image is perfect for 2017, whose current, energy is on the rise. However, the higher we go in consciousness the deeper we must ground ourselves in matter. In other words, it’s going to be difficult to do without you. Your solidity, your appropriateness and your capacity to structure ideas will be indispensable for the good functioning of the beginning of this cycle. You will be one of its builders.

Having said that, if you lived 2016 avoiding and cultivating the cleavage between your dreams and reality, 2017 will not bring the expected sense of security. If you refrained to go inside to see what was really happening there for you, the new cycle will show you where it’s wobbly and where you will need to work to clean your emotional, material or even spiritual fondations. You have much to gain to build new reference points that the energy of the new cycle will help you to put in place.

[Shelly Glover (Canada), Norodom Ranariddh (Cambodia), Thomas Hammarberg (Sweden), Leymah Roberta Gbowee (2011 Peace Noble Prize), will be in a year 4 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 5 - The Pope
You will be able to suggest unified actions in order to develop strengths which will support the starting up energy of this new cycle and will help the wheel not to go in all directions. Your advice, deeply permeated with wisdom and common sense, will accompany its first steps like a good dad would do with his child; warning it of the dangers while allowing it to take risks indispensable for its evolution. Trust will be essentiel and fundamental in all enterprises, large or small, whatever the sector, including intimate relationships.

If in 2016 you got stuck in the mire of an acute conservatism, you are going to have some difficulties to accept newness and your advice might turn into endless sermons, devoid from true assistance which is so necessary in 2017. You might then set yourself up as a moral censor and spend lots of energy in forms and protocols which are not the best means to express what is alive in you. You are here to bring back the heart energy where none are left, including your close relationships and colleagues.

[Park Geun-hye (South Korea), Hun Sen (Cambodia), Borut Pahor (Slovenia), Noursoultan Äbichouly Nazarbaïev (Kazakhstan), Le Dalai Lama (the 14th), will be in a year 5 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 6 - The Lover
In 2017, your key role will be to offer a clear version of all available options present in your environment and to bring your certainty on a sliver platter because it’s indeed your conviction which could make the difference between a concrete opening and a dead end. The beginning of this cycle needs your capacity to walk the path of renewal. You are here to make choices whose importance will be revealed all along the 9 years of this cycle. Your influence will be felt and will be sought because you will have the responsibility to bring back the love and pleasure energies where they have been missing for a long time.

If, on another hand, you turned a deaf ear in 2016, and didn’t want to follow the opportune advice life provided through your relationships, more than likely, your beautiful certainty could get entangled in doubts and hesitations of all kinds, which at the end, could result in a face-to-face with your most tough and rugged fears. If your fears take command, your choices will be out of alignment and your direction could turn out to just be a cul-de-sac. Selfless service will come to your rescue and like a barometer will give you precious information as far as choices are concerned.

[Abdullah Abdullah (Afghanistan), Christian Kern (Austria), János Áder (Hungria), Harald V Norway), Robert Gabriel Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei (2005 Peace Nobel Prize), will be in a year 6 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 7 - The Chariot
If a year 10 represents a starting point, the energy 7 is its momentum. It’s like a double dose of enthusiasm which will become contagious in the best sense of the word. Your spirit will be essential to the realization of your targeted objectives. You will be able to take control and act as a leader. The clearer your directions, the more numerous your followers will be. You will have the responsibility to verify the foundation of projects and movements which are characteristic of the beginning of this cycle. It’s an opportunity to take initiatives, to go on stage and to expose yourself in public. Such as a child begins to walk, the world of relationships will open up for you and so will the world of exploration outside your comfort zone. The energy 10 will be like an invitation to travel which won’t be limited to professional and pleasure trips but will also include inner movements.

However, if you spent 2016 sitting on the fence don’t be surprised to see yourself lagging behind or not being in the mainstream. In order to move forward you must hop out of the train, even if it’s moving, so that you can understand which direction your actions and thoughts are leading your life. A movement can sometimes be superficial and hide a lack of motivation or can be a reflection of your unresolved contradictions. If you are feeling stuck, take a detour via your intentions and see if they are truly in alignment with the trail you wish to blaze.

[Angela Merkel (Germany), Charles Michel (Belgium), Salmane ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud (Saoudi Arabia), Ali Khamenei (Iran), Andrew Cohen (Spirituel Master), will be in a year 7 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 8 - Justice
You will be here to sustain the equilibrium at the beginning of this cycle. You will contribute to it by bringing harmonious forces which will nourish peaceful dynamics and equitable negotiations. To activate a conscious process so that new values start to permeate this new cycle will be your main preoccupation. You will keep a vigilant eye to maintain order within the chaotic and sometimes undefined shapes of a starting up. Your moderation will allow the Wheel-of-Fortune not to get carried away and get caught in inefficient shortcuts. The fairness of your observations will be a true asset as well as your capacity to adapt to a new paradigm.

On the other hand, if you spent 2016 bogged down in your own contradictions, oscillating between outrageousness and lack of motivation depending on the circumstances, 2017 will then be the theatre either of abusive control upon this new cycle, or of painful and unbearable changes. In both cases, you won’t be able to avoid a face-to-face with yourself and to understand that any punishment, as symbolic as it might be, won’t be able to generate the healing forces for which you are somewhat responsible to promote. Life and its events will be like unforgiving mirrors reflecting your inner state but so worthy for their insights and directives.

[Elizabeth II (United Kingdom), Mark Rutte (Netherlands), Bidhya Devi Bhandari (Nepal), Hani al-Mulki (Jordan), Denis Sassou-Nguesso (Congo-Brazzaville]), Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma), will be in a year 8 in 2017]
If you are in personal year 9 - The Hermit
You are not completely off to a flying start. You will need another nine months or so to feel in sync with the cycle. Having said that, this won’t prevent you from playing a role and having a place at the beginning of this cycle. Your wisdom and reflections will be appreciated to protect this delicate starting up so that it doesn’t end up suppressed by the subconscious collective fears, fed by the old paradigm, though on the decline, which will still find all kinds of defenders. You will have to take care of this “new born-child,” bringing to it a benevolent and salutary guardianship. You will know how to take advantage of crisis, no matter its nature, to assure and sustain the happening changes. Your inner journey will foster the emergence of this new cycle.

If you rejected the deep logic of the ins and outs of events and situations that 2016 showed to you, it’s going to be challenging to access a serene knowledge and taste the opportune fruits collected from the past cycle. If you compromised your integrity for all kinds of benefits, you might feel obliged to isolate yourself to avoid scandals or a backlash, which the Wheel-of-Fortune won’t fail to provide. Become your own advisor and pursue your path no matter what, one step at a time.

[Malcolm Turnbull (Australia), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), Cheikh Khalifa (United Arab Emirates), Narendra Modi (India), Desmond Tutu (Spiritual Leader), will be in a year 9 in 2017]
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How to calculate your personal year vibration for 2017
Take your day of birth + your month of birth + the current year
If your date of birth is the 30th of December, you calculate:
30 + 12 + 2017 = 2059 (Note: Do not reduce 2017 to 10 or 1 or 17 as we do for dates)
Then you proceed to reduce this result between 1 and 22
2 + 0 + 5 + 9 = 16
You are in a year 16, the year of the Tower.
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*According to the calculations based on Tarot Numerology, the following numbers won’t be possible as such:
1, 2, 3, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22