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The Importance To Conclude Before Starting Anew

Inner Light

The Hermit carries the world memories. 2016, year of assessment and cleaning of the past, offers a platform from which you can prepare for rejuvenation which any beginning of cycle promises. This cycle will see the light of day only in 2017, hence the importance of concluding in 2016 before starting something new. The Hermit corresponds to the deepest night hours and the ones just before dawn. It’s the winter of this universal cycle which began in 2008. In nature it’s a time during which seeds are germinating deep within the soil; similarly the process is invisible and held in silence and with the help of time. Nothing really glamorous one could say.

The HermitTo conclude what? To put an end to what? Obviously, it’s going to vary according to the individual. Cultivating hope to finish with your past suffering, your long-term struggles is not forbidden. To the contrary, more than ever, a year 9 encourages clearing movements therefore a sense of closure. Putting an end to a chapter which has been opened for a long time, a final touch to a work-in-progress or a conclusion to a relationship which has lost its meaning are part of the commotions and eddies for 2016. Sorting things out is imperative. “I keep, I don’t keep”; “I continue, I don’t continue.”

It’s entertaining for the mind to read predictions and also to make a list of new resolutions and promises, regardless whether you have kept them in the past or not. You are ready to start again at the beginning of a new year. Despite all that could be said about a year 9, one thing is certain, is that humanity in its evolution and all societies of which it is composed, has been and unfortunately will remain, highly predictable if we avoid doing a real assessment and we keep making up stories and excuses justifying our actions entangled with non-resolved conflicts from the past, which could go back as far as millenniums.

So, this year, I would like to suggest a cocktail! You are going to read a series of scenarios of which some of them will fit your situation more than others. Choose the ones that suit you the best in the four following categories: your position in the world, your tendencies in life, your personal year vibration for 2016 and the position of the Hermit in your Path of Life, if he is part of it. After you’ve made your selection of sentences, shake well and you will get a foretaste for 2016. If you don’t like your cocktail or dislike its taste, know that you can change some of the ingredients such as a bad habit that makes your life miserable. Review your reactions and responses to what life brings to you and it’s where you will find the never-failing source of all predictions. If you are attracted by an attitude that you haven’t adopted yet, try it and add it to your 2016 cocktail. If during the year, you get tired of its taste then redo the same process. A limiting tendency is nothing but a temporary wandering away from your true being and with a bit of cleaning you can make re-adjustments. The Hermit’s energy will not only help you to become aware of it but to love it before transforming it. The Hermit, even though selective in the way he provides his wisdom, knows more than anyone else the human needs, because he came back to walk the path of life along your side, lighting you up with his inner flame.
in a social work position:
expect to move backward before moving forward; to face closed doors before crossing their threshold; to see your determination and courage doubling up.

at the head of an army, a regiment, a control system, a state…
expect endless sombre hours; expect to govern with resolve but also with wisdom; to collect the lessons from your economic, diplomatic, strategic mistakes…; to implement difficult remedial measures.

in the medical field, hospitals, clinics, birthing centers, age care facilities, medical centers…
expect to be tested on your capacity to be compassionate, loving; to notice the efficiency of listening within any healing process; to be sometimes overwhelmed by the needs and distress of people facing illnesses, old age or death; to have to administrate as much love as medication, as much compassion as morphine.

helping others:

expect to receive cries for help; to have to be in two places at once, to use your gift of ubiquity; to open your practice to the world community instead of remaining only local; to be the witness of a humanity in disarray but also in transformation.

playing the money game with financial products and investments:

expect to see the other side of the coin; to see your profits plummeting or stagnating; to understand the role of patience and perseverance in alliance with your skills; to make some savings; to invest in non-volatile markets.


expect to receive lots of energy from 2016; to be able to call upon your capacity for concentration and determination to finish what you’ve started.

retired or about to retire:

expect to receive an invitation for the inner journey; to be solicited for dispensing your wisdom and professional or life experiences.

pregnant, or just had a child or thinking of having one:

expect a period of inner growth and to experience connections beyond the manifested world.

seeking the light:

expect to see the inner suns shining with all their might; expect the silent illumination of the heart.

teaching, coaching, training others no matter the discipline:

expect to have to answer questions which are still unanswered to this day; to apply more rigor, more discipline to reach your goals.

in a position as a philosopher, a thinker, a metaphysician, a writer…

expect to have to stand back in regard to your concepts, thoughts, philosophies.

looking for a job; in financial difficulty; unemployed; invalid, etc..:

expect to identify your discomfort as a non-recognized part of you; to be guided from within to discover and unhook the cog of your challenges.

creating, fabricating, making things…:

expect to penetrate the essence of creation itself; to dive into darkness and resurface again with original treasures; to play with shadow and light; to reveal the hidden face of things, which preoccupy you or for which you have an interest.

suffering: (either physically, mentally, psychologically…)

expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

looking for life meaning; doing some research: (either at a personal, scientific, environmental levels, etc…)

expect even more introspective times; a strong desire to go to a spiritual retreat away from worldly matters; to go beyond what is around you; to go deeper and elsewhere within yourself; a slow pace of progress even if the solutions are imminent.

expecting nothing:

expect everything or nothing.

like night-time, to work late at night, to find inspiration in the nocturnal silence:
expect to encounter more sleepless nights; to be more awake inside your sleep; to have more lucid dreams; to gain more understanding.

like action, to be entrepreneurial, to do things:
expect to make even more efforts and have more commitments; to experience a greater sense of unification, more alignment with your core beliefs looking for the echo within others in order to create this unification.

not to give a damn:
expect more insensitivity to others’ suffering but more so to your own, concealed behind an apparent detachment; to live a form of indifference as a solution to undigested emotions.

avoid self-inquiry; close your eyes and ears:

expect to have to face old unresolved issues which are going to surface and offer you the opportunity to do some sorting out and to recognize the emergency for a good dosage of introspection.

complain, to blame and to hold others responsible for your own situation: (to see the glass half-empty rather than half-full)

expect to complain even more; to be touched by the economic crisis and to taste its bitterness.

fear the future, what people could say about you; to be anxious…:

expect to make yourself even smaller, not to make any noise out of fear of disturbing others, of making mistakes, losing what you have.

criticize, analyze, dissect everything mentally:

expect to live a difficult solitude; to cut yourself off from others so that you don’t see what you dislike in yourself.

stay positive and cultivate positive thinking:

expect to be tested in its efficiency; expect to see its pitfalls; expect to have to go beyond duality.

Inner Light

What type of ending is associated with your personal year vibration for 2016? You can be its author or its recipient. (Obviously, it’s not an exhaustive list, just some indications.) The calculations are based on Tarot numerology. (To calculate your vibration see the example below the article.)


  • 4 - The end of an insecurity
  • 5 - The end of an imbalanced union; the end of a lack of support
  • 6 - The end of a compromise; a relationship; a doubt
  • 7 - The end of an agitation; a lack of direction; a lack of motivation
  • 8 - The end of a heavy karma
  • 9 - The end of a cycle; the end of the end; the end of the tunnel
  • 10 - The end of a repetitive pattern
  • 11 - The end of a misalliance, a conflict, a misalignment
  • 12 - The end of a long-term attachment; the end of a blockage
  • 13 - The end of a sabotage; the end of a pessimistic attitude toward life
  • 14 - The end of a convalescence, a healing process, a conflict
  • 15 - The end of a lie; a deception; a manipulation
  • 16 - The end of a confinement (either mental, physical, psychological, psychic…)
  • 17 - The end of a sacrifice
  • 18 - The end of an illusion
  • 19 - The end of a friendship; a project, a construction
  • 20 - The end of a powerful guilt; a belief
  • 21 - The end of a world, an environment, an atmosphere that is surrounding you
  • 22 - The end of a wandering, a disarray

The Hermit

You may have the Hermit in your Path of Life sequence. If you do not know your Path of Life arcanas, there is an all-ready solution. Go to my Tarot Software website at: Your Tarot Chart Online and fill out the form. For $24 you will be able to discover them immediately from my website. In addition, you will not only get an overview of your qualities and talents but also the nature of your main obstacles to overcome and your challenges to tackle.


It will be a year during which your qualities will be recognized and will offer true services to humanity and to people close to you.


More than ever, it’s going to be a time to discover the hidden face of your genealogy and its well-buried secrets. It will be up to you to resolve very old traumas lived by your ancestors which are ready to be healed and relieved.


It’s going to be an important year for social recognition within your professional life or a sabbatical year which will offer you a necessary standing back for the continuation or not of your projects, your career or your plans.


It will be a healing year your of old wounds not yet cauterized by time. This will be demanding of your attention, your care and your love.


It will be a year of concentration on your objectives and priorities.

All of this is to tell you that there is a vibration, 9 for 2016 and what you are going to do with it. So it’s not a story of a good or bad year but rather a leading thread bringing you to the deeper recesses of your history from which you need to free yourself. More than any other year, a 9 is ideal for cleaning difficult memories buried at the inmost depths of your being.

[Lots of you already know but I can’t recommend you enough the virtues of the Ho’oponopono practice in terms of cleaning past memories. Click on the following link Ho'oponopono OR Dr Len's website to know more about it.]
How to calculate your personal year vibration for 2016
Take your day of birth + your month of birth + the current year
If your date of birth is the 12th of March, you calculate:
12 + 3 + 2016 = 2031 (Note: Do not reduce 2016 to 9 or 16 as we do for dates)
Then you proceed to reduce this result between 1 and 22
2 + 0 + 3 + 1 = 6
You are in a year 6, the year of the Lover.
To know more about your arcana for 2016, visit the Arcanas Gallery, choose the commented version of any deck of your liking, then click on the arcana itself to find the positive and negative attributes attached to that particular Tarot card.
Again, if you want to know Path of Life Arcanas this link and follow the steps as explained on the page.
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