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From Pursuing to Allowing

Issue no 1

2015, year of Justice, the 8th arcana within the Tarot deck, holds the harvest of what we have been sewing since 2008, the year which marks the beginning of the cycle from a world community view point. We can therefore expect 2015 to be the perfect display of the universal law of cause and effect.

JusticeAt its deepest, this principal revolves around the power of harmony and equilibrium which will be magnified by the vibration 8. In one way or another, anyone of us will be invited to look straight into the mirror. What we see will be dependent and interrelated to our past memories, thoughts and deeds. There will be no reward nor punishment but a magnificent healing aura which could really take any form, including what we least associate with it: illnesses and challenges.

Though carrying the name of “Justice”, the 8th arcana doesn’t necessarily refer to “social justice” as we know it. To reduce its meaning to that institution it's as if you take the bandaid for the healing substance in the balm. The magnitude of this frequency will support the paths of moderation and adaptation but will challenge extreme positions and inflexible views which could rise at the same time, as they can be the most contracted manifestations of the year 8. Last time this vibration was present was 2006. Here are just a few world events that occurred then that correspond to the densification of that energy:

In January, Russia turned off the gas tap to Ukraine, depriving 39 million people of heat during the harshest winter weeks.
In July a series of bomb attacks strike commuter trains in Mumbai, India, and Israeli troops invaded Lebanon.
In December, ETA (Basque nationalist group) detonated a van bomb at Madrid airport, ending a 9-month cease fire.

This is to name just a few... so going into a year 8 with left overs of imbalance, injustice, extreme ideologies and alike could amplify the so called “righteous” attitude allowing political and corporation leaders to act according to those ideologies regardless the impact on people, animals and nature.

Yantra of Harmony

If we are not in a position of leadership, what are we left with? We are left with the tremendous strength of clearing what in us participate to the world tragedies and the power of making a massive impact on the collective subconscious mind where fears and traumas have reached a level of great concern. We are left with the recognition of which part of us plays a role in the overall manifestation, leading us to connect to the holographic dimension of our material world.

[Yantras are based on ancient laws of sacred geometry. They bring energy of health, harmony, strength and concentration. Justice can be regarded as the Divine Architect.]
"Where fear is, happiness is not."

Seneca (Roman philosopher and adviser to Emperor Nero)

The world conflicts can be viewed as collective memories at play. We, as individuals, are fully responsible for the dance acting out and unless we become conscious of our projections and baggage that we have been carrying, not many changes can really take place. The good news is that it’s in our hands and reach. Through deep acceptance, flexibility in our perception, and the power of cleansing, there is no reason not to believe or dream for a miracle: Harmony and Peace on Earth... and as Mother Teresa says:

"The Miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it."
Mother Teresa
How to calculate your personal year vibration for 2015
Take your day of birth + your month of birth + the current year
If your date of birth is the 12th of March, you calculate:
12 + 3 + 2015 = 2030 (Note: Do not reduce 2015 to 8 or 15 as we do for dates)
Then you proceed to reduce this result between 1 and 22
2 + 0 + 3 + 0 = 5
You are in a year 5, the year of the Pope.
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