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Live From Your Core, Live From Your Heart:

Issue no 1

Oh well, here we are in 2013! Was it supposed to be a different scenario? We are hopefully the ones who are making the difference in the way we are understanding and living through changes and shifts. The overly advertised “end of the world” prediction has produced indeed “more-of-the-same” perspective for people, stirring the masses toward the sensational, leaving the adherents to that type of thinking fearful, disappointed and without hope.

Moving away from the heavy-mind-molding social apparatus - the media industry - what is the message from the Lover for 2013?

Share rather than take
Let go of jealousy
Restore freedom of choice in your life
Go beyond an alienating comfort zone
Protect the freedom and creativity of your mind - treat it as gold
Measure the consequences of your decisions
Let go of your emotional neediness
Commit to your goals
Serve and defend the causes that are close to your heart
Stay engaged and in dialogue with others
Identify your main fears and transmute them into determination
Free yourself from people's opinion of you
Live from your core, live from your heart: “Choose LOVE”

2013 - Year of the LoverWhatever your circumstances, whether you are desperate, uncertain, deluded, fearful; whether you are in public or in private, ultimately choose love. To love yourself and others creates energy. It takes more energy to hate, to remain in conflict and to be out of alignment than to live and breathe love, harmony and peace. If you are lacking in financial, human, or material resources, fear will never give you more of what you are needing. It's love that creates shifts in consciousness. According to my perception, the 21st of December 2012 was the planting of a seed, the type that grows in consciousness. Maybe the reason why the Mayan calendar ended at that date is because we might be changing our adherence to linear time and reality so that we can free ourselves from its limitations. The upcoming years and centuries will see the developing of that seed.

According to Tarot Numerology, 2013, a year 6, the year of the Lover, was last experienced as a universal vibration in 2004, 1995, 1986, 1977, 1968, 1959 within the 21st and 20th centuries. There wasn’t any year 6 as such during the first 59 years of the 20th century.

Meanwhile, when the energy of the Lover is challenged, it can bring fear, doubts, ambivalence, uncertainty or indecisiveness. To help you identify which fear could be triggered within you during 2013 and to connect to what could be its antidote to the challenge it may create in your life: here is a list of archetypal fears and their antidotes that are linked to the 4th energy (arcana) within your Birth Tarot Chart (also known as the Path of Life).

If you don't know your Birth Tarot Chart, here is a Tarot Software that can quickly calculate it for you. Get your Birth Tarot Chart now

Why should we make an effort to identify our fears? Because fear creates stagnation which is a perfect magnet for chaos, turmoil and entropy.

If the major arcana in fourth position is:

  • II - The High Priestess: Fear of silence - Meditate on oneness
  • III - The Empress: Fear of inferiority - Embrace your creativity
  • IIII - The Emperor: Fear of power - Honour your gifts
  • V - The Pope: Fear of lack of support - Believe in life
  • VI - The Lover: Fear of not being loved - Serve others
  • VII - The Chariot: Fear of lacking purpose - Define your goals and concentrate on them
  • VIII - Justice: Fear of treason - Focus your mind on the benevolent forces in nature
  • VIII - Hermit: Fear of solitude - Treat yourself as your best friend
  • X - The Wheel of Fortune: Fear of repetition of same patterns, stories - Take some risks
  • XI - Strength: Fear of responsibilities - Control your own desires
  • XII - The Hanged Man: Fear of abandonment - Cultivate your independence
  • XIII - The arcana without a name - Fear of the unknown - Embrace the new
  • XIIII - Temperance: Fear of conflict - Cultivate compassion
  • XV - The Devil: Fear of loss - Give generously to people in physical need
  • XVI - The Tower: Fear of failure - Learn from your mistakes
  • XVII - The Star: Fear of bad luck - Go back to the source of life, of everything
  • XVIII - The Moon: Fear of emptiness - Let go of what you haven’t got
  • XVIIII - The Sun: Fear of disappointment - Cultivate happiness
  • XX - Judgement: Fear of lack of recognition - Have the courage of your talents
  • XXI - The World: Fear of isolation - Stay open
  • XX - The Fool: Fear of rejection - Think out of the box


The lover is promising you that you cannot commit to a new path, a new decision and remain the same. Changes and shifts will follow and momentum will be gained.
Similarly, he’s also promising you that you cannot commit to the same habits and patterns and expect changes. What was there will remain more or less identical.
So, new or more-of-the-same? What is your choice?


Each digit that 2013 is made of holds the energy of its corresponding major arcana. The last being the total of these 4 digits, which represents the year vibration for 2013.

2013 Tarot Sequence

May the power of love guard the collective mind against immaturity in world
leaders' thinking and in their decisions.

How to calculate your personal year vibration for 2013
Take your day of birth + your month of birth + the current year
If your date of birth is the 15th of November, you calculate:
15 + 11 + 2013 = 2039 (Note: Do not reduce 2013 to 6 or 13 as we do for dates)
Then you proceed to reduce this result between 1 and 22
2 + 0 + 3 + 9 = 14
You are in a year 14, the year of Temperance.
To know more about your arcana for 2013, visit the Arcanas Gallery, choose the commented version of any deck of your liking, then click on the arcana itself to find the positive and negative attributes attached to that particular Tarot card.
To calculate your Birth Tarot Chart click on this link and follow the steps as explained on the page. It's really an inexpensive process that can give you lots of insights.
To subscribe to the Monthly Readings (which includes the interpretation of your year vibration for 2013) visit Insightful Vision How To Request A Tarot Reading Page. You can subscribe directly from the website via Paypal.