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Love and Compassion
The Most Needed Revolution of The 21st Century

Issue no 1

2012 had already begun from an energetic standpoint. As a matter of fact, October of each year is the birthing month of new energy for the year to come.

In the many traditions, there are many forms of celebrations and rituals. In the Tarot’s tradition, it's a question of imbibing the essential teaching that the arcana linked to the year vibration carries. 2012, the year of the Pope, is a time when love and compassion are meant to be the leading forces on a humanitarian scale. Prophecies have been written, vulgarized and exploited by minds rooted in fear and greed. Prophecies by faithful believers have spoken of change and transformation. The most needed revolution of the 21st century doesn’t reside in drama nor in fantasy but in the simplest gesture of compassion toward others, including ourselves.

A year 5 is an opening, an extension that stretches beyond the material values of this world. Have you ever imagined how the world would look if no Saints, no spiritual Masters, no Monks, no Poets, no Philosophers and no Artists had ever walked the earth? A year 5, among all the degrees attached to the evolution wheel, is a time to listen to the teachings of Great Beings and follow their footsteps and their guidance. As His Holiness The Dalai Lama the 14th says:

“It is time to develop a big “US” rather than the old “us and them” that only allows us to exploit and bully others on a personal level, and to wage war on an international level . If we can do that, there will be no room for hatred nor thinking of others as enemies.”

There are plenty of events woven into world history that exemplify how we failed to embrace the intrinsic power of compassion and respect that any year 5 would beckon us to imbibe. For example, 2003, the first year of the Pope for the 21st century, saw the beginning of the Iraq war. The collective fear of being destroyed by the enemy escalated and basic respect among human beings was lost to a greatly manipulated thought of the necessity to use weapons to protect peace. It takes a conscious effort at an individual level to resist those currents of thought that become overwhelming to one’s psyche and subsequently condition a person to comply with it. The mind is an exceptional tool that obscures or enlightens our perception according to the thoughts it entertains.

The great beings that are currently walking the earth are not here to impose themselves on people’s minds, but they manifest in a person’s life when he or she is ready to open to a higher level of consciousness. More than ever before, 2012 is a time when human beings will feel the call from within and will respond to it. For this reason 2012 carries extraordinary hope and support to see spiritual values, such as love and compassion, become a collective focus. This will subsequently bring resolution forces toward established conflicts and tensions, not only at an international level but also at an interpersonal level.

Hear ChakraCompassion is the gesture of the heart, and often, our hand carries that deep movement that initiates from the heart to offer help and reach out. Our very own hand has 5 fingers, and curiously the Pope is the 5th arcana within the Tarot deck structure. The Pope is the symbolic figure of the incarnated Master, the divine within the human form that connects seekers and God, that bridges our humanness and our luminescence. Compassion is a quality that makes us human in the most noble sense of the word. By living it and expressing it, it transmutes our humanity to a higher level and ultimately transcends our limitations.

(Anahata - The Heart Chakra)

As you know from previous articles, 2011 was a year 4, the year of the Emperor. To understand the fundamental changes between a year 4 to a year 5 let’s use the simple image of a house. After having anchored the foundations of the house and built walls (2011 - year 4), we are ready to put in the windows, which will bring light into our home, into our lives (2012 - year 5). The windows bring a more expansive environment into the structure, inviting the outside in, and vice versa. A year 4 makes you realize that the most secure environment can also be the expression of limitations. A year 5 can creates a bridge between you as an individual and a more pervasive state of being, leading you to realize your inter-dependence to all that exists and inviting you to loosen the feeling of being separated so-deeply rooted in human consciousness. Such is the ultimate blessing of a year 5.

How to calculate your personal year vibration for 2012
Take your day of birth + your month of birth + the current year
If your date of birth is the 12th of March, you calculate:
12 + 3 + 2012 = 2027 (Note: Do not reduce 2012 to 5 or 12 as we do for dates)
Then you proceed to reduce this result between 1 and 22
2 + 0 + 2 + 7 = 11
You are in a year 11, the year of Strength.
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