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The Tarot Chart Sequence for 2010

As for every individual, it exists for each year a specific Tarot Chart Sequence, (also known as Path of Life) which is made of five major Arcanas (Tarot Cards). There are indeed many ways one can withdraw essential information from the numbers present in any given year. 2010 is said to be a year 3 because of the addition of 2+0+1+0=3. The Tarot Sequence for 2010 is itself drawn out of the linear reading of these numbers.

Tarot Février 2010

The Tarot is a visual language, and as a language it can be translated into many other languages. A Tarot Reader is like a scribe translating forms, colors, movements etc. into potent messages or teachings.

2010's creativity finds its source within ancient sacred knowledge that has survived the chaotic movements of humanity. This body of knowledge is steeped in freedom within each individual's mind. The capacity to think for ourselves and not being mare parrots is essential to capture the creative vein of 2010. Institutions of all kinds are erected to codify the way we think, believe, love, etc. They are attempts to prevent overwhelming waves and impulses of unbound energy that could take over and create revolutionary movements. As exposed in the January Newsladder, the shadow of waste hangs over 2010, and similarly, the shadow of anarchy is present as well. This is why it's important to stress one of the most potent teachings that 2010 Tarot Sequence holds:

True freedom has its foundation in sacred knowledge.

Wisdom leads to harmony and respect. To start fresh the second decade of the 21st century, 2010 is beckoning us to move away from the abuses allowed by the institutions of the countries around the globe, whether they are religious, political, juridical, etc... and stop using the safe guard of social life for personal benefits. We might continue to witness the unveiling of long-term practices that have legally permitted financial and political misuse of power.

The fact that the High Priestess (II) precedes the Magician (I) within 2010 sequence, indicates that it's important that actions be based on wisdom and reflection; but for those actions to have the value of a beginning or a renewal, they must be anchored in freedom and openness of mind. The barriers that have been established in the name of God have to melt into boundless love for all manifested and invisible forms and shapes of the divine energy.

Through your Path of Life reading, we explore in-depth the movements and correlations that your five arcanas have with one another. With that reading comes an affirmation that directly arises from your five major arcanas. Similarly to your Path of Life reading, there is an affirmation attached to the five major Arcanas for 2010. Here is the 2010 affirmation:

"I, (your name) imbibe sacred knowledge that leads me to the exquisite experience of freedom of mind. Therefore, I feel totally available and enthusiastic to pursue my inner and outer ingenuity for the benefit of all."