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Creativity in 2010
Farewell To The Year of The Empress

December 2010

"Creativity is uncomfortable," says Mark Millard, a UK psychologist, yet essential to life and growth. The scientists have found explanations and proofs on how highly creative people can also suffer from depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. "Creative people, like those with psychotic illnesses, tend to see the world differently to most. It's like looking at a shattered mirror. They see the world in a fractured way." I've always been fascinated how some of us call it "fractured perception" when others call it "communion" a non-separated way of looking at reality. In both instances this way to see the world carries the label of madness.

Psychologist Gary Fitzgibbon says "an ability to 'suspend disbelief' is one way of looking at creativity. When you suspend disbelief you are prepared to believe anything and this opens up the scope for seeing more possibilities." Business people have been capitalizing on creative minds for years, using the ones who think out of the box to keep the rest in the box. As we prepare ourselves to leave the Empress' energy and transition into the Emperor's, it's in our best interest to keep that creative thinking expanding, so that it supports whatever structures we are going to put in place as well as the forms we are going to manifest.

The Empress III The Hanged Man XII

From a Tarot numerology perspective (not classical numerology), the fact that a year 3 won't re-occur before 2100 (a 90-year gap) leaves a lot of room for contemplation, because the vibration 12 (which is the first harmonic of number 3 [1+2=3]) is coming back from 1920. The energy 12 (absent for most of the 20th century) will now on to be present throughout the 21st century bringing a beautiful spiritual energy and values to our world.

Enjoy a few selected great creations or thinking from 2010
Motivation When tasks require conceptual and creative thinking, money as a motivator doesn't work. So, what works? Look at this video. It's fun, well done and fully using creative ways of presenting conceptual material.
Watch the video

Digital & Material World Seeking for the reunion of what the mind has separated has always generated a great interest for men and stimulated human creativity.

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NYC Kids' Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrates the creativity of New York City Kids. Hearing young people talking about their art and their own relationship to creativity is refreshing.

Watch the video