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The Empress' Gemstone
- Chalcedony -

To each Tarot arcana corresponds a gemstone that carries similar qualities and attributes. The gemstone for 2010 - year of the Empress - is chalcedony.

Chalcedony - August 2010
"All the particles that made up matter once originated within the hearts of old stars."
About Chaldedony

Chaldedony is a form of silica which is commonly found in nature as sand or quartz in the Earth's crust. Chalcedony is composed of a very fine intergrowth of quartz and moganite which have respectively a different crystal structure.

Quartz belongs to the trigonal crystal system which is characterized by a vertical axis of threefold symmetry. This is how at a deep structural level the Empress, the third major arcana within the Tarot system, relates to chalcedony. From a Tarot point of view, the Empress, number III, is equal to 1 + 2 or the union of the Magician I (the body) and the High Priestess II (the Spirit). This is also why the Empress is a fertility symbol.

In fact, chalcedony occurs in a wide range of semi-precious gemstones. The most well-known forms of chalcedony are: agate - aventurine - chrysoprase - onyx.

Red Agate rouge, Aventurine, Chrysoparse
Red Agate
"A crystal's external form is simply a reflection of its internal atomic structure. These shapes have a significant influence over the healing properties of a crystal."

Qualities chalcedony enhances

Tolerance - compassion - mental peace - self-expression - intellectual reasoning - emotional balance - clarity - meditation - clarity of mind - tranquility - purity - independent thinking - self-knowledge

Healing aspects of chalcedony

Strengthens the immune system - supports concussion treatment - improves eyesight, especially at night - works on the throat chakra - eases depression and grief - protects form perils of the sea, including sickness

Plato, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, talked about the theory that gemstones would originate from planets decayed or decaying matters. And subsequently, each stone would have a direct correlation to the stars and planets they came from.