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A Time To Refine Our Collective Thinking

Within the Tarot meaningful organization, The Empress (III) precedes The Emperor (IIII). This particular flow among the Tarot figures carries a profound message:

"One must have refined his or her intellect to hold a position of power."
Avril 2010

The Empress is an embodiment of our conscious mind, our power of discernment, which guides our understanding and allows us to give credit to values we decide to align our lives and actions to. Refinement implies that our thoughts are free from the thickness that prevents the light of our awareness to shine through. The thicker the crust around our mental and intellectual bodies, the more rudimentary our thinking.

That crust can have several layers that have different origins. One of them is commonly named "collective consciousness", which is defined by Wikipedia Encyclopedia as "shared beliefs and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force within society." Therefore, the larger a belief is shared, the stronger it influences our society and the directions the world is taking. So, how vitally important it is for the Empress, image of our own supreme intellect, to precede the Emperor, image of our capacity to govern and structure the world!

2010, year of the Empress, urges us to refine our collective thinking, to examine and understand in which direction the world leadership is leading society, and how, we, via our collective mind, participate to decisions that we individually would prefer not to be taken.

Our collective mind is fed and supported from below the surface by our collective unconscious. According to Carl Jung, the collective unconscious is inherited. "It consists of pre-existant forms, the archetypes, which are organized reservoir of consciousness shared by all members of a particular species." It's a portion of the hidden part of the iceberg that interacts with our personal conscious mind and pushes us to adopt attitudes and behaviors that belong to our own species. The more conscious we are the freer our thoughts and actions.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and many other spiritual leaders talked about how a "combined coherence in consciousness" of a group of people can have an impact and influence to the rest of society, including its leaders. How have we trained our brain to think what we think, to do what we do so well that there isn't any room for even a question? Here is the opportunity for 2010: let's question what we think, let's question our automatic responses to life, to world events, to our neighborhood, to our dog, etc... and as individuals let's participate to the refinement of our collective thinking, whose transformation has its roots in the Supreme Intellect within.

Avril 2010