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Kindness, generosity, a certain knowing - these are the things that lie hidden behind Louise Dollin's sparkling eyes. No matter what role in life she steps into, her keen insights are there guiding her and those in her presence are all the better for the gifts she has received, the talents she has honed, and the spirit she exudes.

Louise DollinAs a young child, Louise discovered the human archetypes without even knowing what they were or what they were called. Starting at a very early age, probably during the first steps of language acquisition, she was very observant and perceptive of the differences between people and, particularly, people's shapes and features. She noticed the similarity of behaviors linked to shapes and forms of bodies and created, in her own mind, a system to detect characters and personalities through those features.

And it was an infallible system that never let her down or misled her. So much so that Louise still uses that system today. What she discovered then is still relevant today and with the depth and definition that comes with the life experiences inherent in maturing into adulthood.

In a nutshell, people are walking arcanas; they are literally fabrications or forms, architectures made from secret and sacred recipes, materials. Louise carved her way in: "To pierce the forms was, for me, to access that secret. And if we look into the meaning of archetypes: it's a primitive sensation that becomes the starting point of a psychological construction or it's a general idea that becomes the starting point of a classification of a perception."

All along, the Tarot was right there with her, even before she saw a Tarot deck for the first time or had her first reading.

This intrinsic wisdom may be, in part, due to geography. In France, it is very common for young adults to have an experience or encounter with the Tarot. It's part of a cultural inheritance. The Tarot is not just linked to gypsies, but to a serious body of secret and sacred knowledge that reveals itself to the ones who study it. It is an initiation path in and of itself.

The arcanas are like the houses in which the masters of the past live. These masters have infiltrated an enormous and unlimited book of knowledge through the gateways of symbolical shapes, forms, and colors. The Tarot has been read for centuries and no one has yet reached the end of the book. It is a blueprint of human consciousness. Through study and dedication to the path, Louise came to understand that what she was doing in her childhood was a form of awakening to this ancient archetypal system.

The Path of Life reading which is her specialty is an in-depth analysis of an individual's psychic structure, with its five constituting major arcanas as buildings blocks. Louise simply translates the shapes, forms, and colors by putting words on them to help people grasp a reality that is often hard to articulate or fully connect to. The Path of Life reading is a translation of that cartography made of codes and energy pathways that describe how someone relates to the world and to oneself.

Over the years, Louise has explored many avenues, such as reading of magnetic fields, auras, Reiki, Eastern philosophies, Yoga, hatha yoga, and music. Of her dalliances, Louise says, "Today it's easy for me to see how all these movements of exploration led me to foster my perception and widen my understanding of life, people, and relationship between beings and things. Nonetheless, the Tarot, though put aside during several years, has remained like an invisible friend, following me from a distance, and who, once I was ripe, reappeared with authority and evidence within my life."

These peregrinations have allowed Louise to create her own style as a Tarot reader, which she likes to call « Tarot sans frontières » (Tarot without borders). Her readings are always, to some degree, the alchemy between the mediumnic tool (the Tarot itself), the accumulated vibrant body of knowledge through these different paths of experience, and the encounter with a being (the client.)

Louise may create the form through which a message is delivered and heard, but the message itself is not hers. As both message and messenger yield from the Source, the client's own inner wisdom steps forth as its own guide.

Kelly McCartney - Senior Editor/Writer