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For Whom?

Louise Dollin's work is for those who are longing to gain an expanded vision of themselves and their surrounding reality.

  • It calls out to all lovers of life.
  • It attracts those who want to heighten their awareness and perspective.

Whatever is your age, professional activity or personal situation, Louise's reading art is to adapt her language so that the Tarot's message is clear, accessible and digestible.

Her work attracts people from all walks of life around the world and yet all of them share the same desire to evolve as beings and all of them have in common the qualities of openness and receptivity necessary to deepen their exploration of human consciousness.

To know more about Louise Dollin et her evolution as a Tarot reader:

" Mutual trust is the ideal environment for a Tarot reading. My goal here, is to give enough information to create that trust which stimulates the desire to know what the other has to offer. "