Reading Ethics

Core Principals Behind Each Reading

No one can solve a problem with the same frame of mind that has created it

A tarot reading helps someone to escape a mind frame that is, at this point in time, not helpful in solving one's problem. It will give a person a larger perspective from which his or her perception can shift and bring new elements and a new dimension to one's issue. This inner shift will support the changes and the actions that need to take place in order for the individual to move on.

Planning is looking back so you can see forward

A tarot reading on a specific question will always reveal elements of the past that are in position to influence today's planning, decisions and/or goals. These elements are not necessarily obviously linked to anyone's current inquiry. Nevertheless, they are very much an underling force that puts a person in his or her present situation. The Tarot can help an individual to shine light on these subconscious movements. This new level of awareness, in return, will free that person from their grasp. Therefore, looking at the past can give someone the keys to their present, which in return, will give a base to one's future.

Once you've asked a question you work with the answer

This principle is valid for both the consultant and the Tarot practitioner. To ask questions to the Tarot requires discipline. On the consultant's hand, one must listen and fully take into account the message and how it applies to one's life. On the practitioners hand, one must trust the answer in the way it presents itself and, if there are obscure aspects to it, contemplation is one of the means to penetrate the deeper layers of the message. It is vitally important to treat all information as accurate and pertinent to someone's situation, rather than falling into the temptation to make it easier and do another draw for a same question. The Tarot's wealth lives within its symbolic nature. Therefore, the practitioner has the responsibility to decode, decrypt the hidden messages. The Tarot and its symbols have a mediatory function. Their power resides in the fact that they create a bridge between elements that have been separated within the psyche, or that seem in opposition. The Tarot's wisdom helps to restitute their unity. In that way, the Tarot has a therapeutic impact on the consultant.

A Tarot reader can perceive as far as he or she has evolved as a being

The alchemy between the mastery of the tool, the practitioner's personal growth and commitment to that growth is a constant and evolving dynamic. Within the realm of Tarot readings there is a perpetual refinement of knowledge and perception. The deliverer of the message - the Tarot reader - is constantly exposed to another layer of understanding, another level of interpretation of the same symbols that have remained unchanged for centuries. It's the practitioner's responsibility to keep this expansion going and flourishing so that, in return, he or she can offer depth and substance to his or her own interpretation and delivery.

louise Dollin

Jude Davies, astrologer, comments on Louise's work

"The depth of healing that Louise Dollin offers through her readings and work influences and touches people at the core of their trust and beliefs in themselves. Her work brings people to a place within from which they connect to their own abilities to carry their dreams."