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From France to Australia, via the United States, Louise's evolution is colored by her world discovery in its diversity, in parallel to her spiritual pursuit from which her Tarot reading practice would become the ideal field of union between her quest and her intuitive capacities.

It was 25 years ago in France that Louise first discovered the ancient Tarot of Marseille. Since that time, she has continued to enhance her knowledge and further nurture her passion for the Tarot by studying either under the direct guidance, or through the writings of such masters as Jodorowsky, Colleuil, Morel, Hammaker-Zondag, and other distinguished authorities in the art of the Tarot.

Over the years, the Tarot has taken a privileged place in her life. It has become a central pillar around which her natural intuitive abilities have expanded.

Today, Louise Dollin offers readings all over the world. Her passion for the deepest aspects of human nature had led her to develop the Path of Life reading. This reading has become her speciality and her signature as a Tarot reader.

Originally from France, currently living in Australia with her family, Louise Dollin offers readings in person as well as from a distance.
Her clients are located all over the world, particularly in Australia, North & South Americas, Europe and Asia.

Testimonial from a Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D. USA

"I liken sitting with the energetic exchange of the Tarot Arcanas through Louise's interpretation to viewing a master piece, which is everyone's life."

"My experience of the Tarot through my own Path of Life reading and the people who have come to me with a reading from Louise Dollin, is that the Tarot is a living, dynamic, energetic, body of knowledge.

As a therapist, I sit sometimes with clients and we look at a term Louise has used in their readings that stirred, touched, or awakened awareness within the person. Sometimes we look at energies that appear oppositional and explore the benefits of their creative tension."