Ancestral Roots and Today's Life

An accounting illustrating also the energy 11 present through 2018

I met Jack in 2006 for the first time. Calm, gentleness and kindness emanated from his being. Ever since, Jack has been a client of mine. Approximately a year ago, he approached me about a complex and very sensitive issue that has become in late 2017 a universal and highly mediatized topic: harassment. In Jack’s case it wasn’t sexual but ethnical. If we are the creator of our own reality, what within Jack’s subconscious mind could have been pushing him to experience such aggressions and be a target for such a perversion?

His aggressors’ behavior paints the face and illustrates the forms that the energy 11 (Strength within the Tarot Deck present throughout 2018), can take when self-mastery is missing. At the same time, Jack’s inner work depicts the qualities inherent to that same energy 11, which is to take responsibility for your own creation.

In his accounting, Jack describes how his present reality was indeed attached to a past beyond his own life and how his own ancestors themselves suffered from persecution. The Tarot helped Jack to realize the links between his ancestral roots and his life today.

I was being harassed in a very intense way by a large group of people in a major U.S. city and it was difficult for me to understand why that was occurring. Harassment included continual vandalism of my car and even my office and being followed everywhere. Of course, it was upsetting and unnerving. I chose to get in touch with Louise because, from my experience with her, she is able to clarify odd and confusing situations like this and help clear them up. As usual, Louise’s insights helped me in a number of ways.

Ancestral Roots

Most importantly, she revealed that what was manifesting was a reflection of unresolved issues in my subconscious mind. These issues, in turn, stemmed from forgotten and repressed memories from my childhood as well as experiences in my ancestral memory. In other words, the painful experiences of both my formative years, such as being made fun of by my brother and father, a very sneaky type of abuse that could go by unnoticed by others and so hurtful to my child-trusting heart, and the lives of my ancestors were still with me. I was coming to a point in my evolution that it was time to face those painful memories, understand them, and release them from the family tree forever.

My father's family are/were Jews of Eastern European background and my mother's are/were Jews of North African background. The latter is relevant to what was happening as my mother's father had been forced to move from one city to another in North Africa, and later from North Africa to Western Europe, due to persecutions of Jews that were taking place in North Africa. The harassment that was occurring to me had forced me to move from one office to another and it was clear that the harassers were trying to have me move cities as well as they were harassing my family and I near our residence as well. So, Louise helped clarify that connection and its implication.


Similarly, as revealed by the Tarot, my father's father had also been targeted and discriminated against, albeit less severely than my other grandfather, for his religion/ethnicity and his ancestors suffered the same in Eastern Europe. As well, one of my Eastern European ancestors brought some shame upon the family through his bad behavior. That left a sense of guilt in the ancestral memory which has travelled up to me and obviously I was becoming the one who could do something about it.

Louise looked into my genealogy through the lens of the Tarot plus several layers of Tarot numerology. In correlation to what she names the Path of Life sequence and the life cycles, she explained to me that the year obtained by the sum of my day, month and year of birth would be highly significant. It happens that mine equals 2017, the year during which I decided to investigate this harassment situation from a very different view point, rather than just wanting to know when this was going to stop. Louise also pointed out that 2017, was a year 10, a year of renewal, which is also the energy of my first arcana in my Path of Life sequence. The energy 10 is also associated with “the reset button.” 2017 would become the theater of my deepest renewal, intimately linked to my capacity to take responsibility for those ancestral wounds of persecution.

Through Louise’s reading, I got the confirmation that the orchestrator of the harassment against me was motivated by anti-semitism. So, on an unconscious level, the painful memories in my family tree, along with repressed memories of abuse in my own life which acted as a reminder of what was necessary to take care of it in this life time, were attracting similar circumstances to force my soul to clear memories of persecution and abuse from the family tree once and for all.

Louise gave me some meditation exercises to work through these repressed memories and experiences. Among other methods, these exercises have helped calm the situation. I am experiencing much less harassment these days and I can say that Louise helped lessen the impact of the harassment by understanding the unseen mechanics behind it. I also believe that the exercises that she recommended have helped reduce the severity of the harassment itself.

Jack ~ February 2018

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