I make a phone call to the other side of the earth and in a split second I find myself at the core of my being.

Partage 2011

I call Louise and explain my situation, giving her the details of what is going on. She carefully listens to me. Then, with her refined intuition, she helps me to dig up the question that lies hidden behind my words. This is in itself already soothing and clearing: targeting the true question that is about to emerge and which is going to help choose the appropriate Tarot reading.

Then comes the reading. It is always a time of anticipation, sometimes joyful, sometimes slightly tinted with anxiety. I sit down on my couch and start listening to Louise’s precise and clear voice; her language is so colorful.

Often the reading is the confirmation of a deep feeling I was unable to articulate. For example, in one past reading she was able to detail some aspects of the relationship that I was in at the time, and in which I was getting very uncomfortable. It was as if this relationship was coming to its end, but my fear of solitude was preventing me from reaching that conclusion. With gentleness, Louise led me to face the facts and realize that a change in our relationship was inevitable. As I heard the word “change”, I knew that it meant separation, and deep within myself I was able to find the strength to face it. As a matter of fact, very naturally, we split a few weeks later. I was ready and prepared to go through it.

Sometimes, I discover some amazing facets of myself, for example, hidden motivations behind certain choices. I was thinking of a trip that I wished to make to India and a Tarot reading showed me very clearly that it could be too exhausting for me. Without this reading I would have followed my pride that let me believe that I could do it. I was able to see how some of my inner shadows were hiding under a false sense of courage.

At other times, unexpected breakthroughs have taken place. A few months ago I went through a relapse of a chronic illness. After talking to Louise I quickly became aware of a new possibility of treatment and ten days later I was abroad for a very beneficial three-week cure. I realized that being flexible and looking at my situation from a different perspective, new solutions appear that I would not have thought of prior to a reading.

For me, a Tarot reading with Louise is always an inner adventure, a discovery of my strengths and shadows as well, which allows me to come closer to the fullness of my being. Then I am able to make choices and live my life with consciousness, conviction and freedom, welcoming and living each moment.

MC is an artist client from Europe.

She paints. She also writes. The following text describes a painful but freeing experience on the path of authenticity of being, which often a Tarot reading will call out from the depth of our souls.

Partage 2011

Then come the tears, very slowly at first, then stronger and stronger until it’s a torrent without a name that rolls from her as if it has broken her banks.

Those tears open her up and the wind rushes into this newborn opening. The rain is pouring even harder and the thunderstorm strikes.

Within her body arise her mother, then her grandmother, and then her sister.

From far away, the three of them have heard the pounding of the rain, the howling of the wind. They have been crouching in darkness for thousands of years. They rush forward. They are here.

They too want to feel the air in their lungs, to breath at last! They are asking for their share of coolness; their share of rainwater on their tongue and soaked hair on their skin.

Then, deep within her female body arise more women. They are coming from everywhere, the rebellious ones, the submissive ones, the proud ones. And she cries and cries. She cries for herself and she cries for all. She always knew she did not cry for her name alone.