The long river of life, offers, now and then, entangled twists and lazy turns. In the midst of challenging times, it seems that the compass of my understanding and discrimination looses the North and makes room for an emotional imbroglio full of doubts. Then comes a black hole totally unsuitable for right answers or solutions.

Partage Octobre 2010

Early this year, I had to take a very important decision regarding the apartment complex I am currently living in. I had been dealing with some unkept promises as well as chronic inertia from the housing developer and builder in regard to the much needed repairs. By law, they were responsible for them since there were constructions errors from the beginning, which I had already reported at the time. However, they kept running from their responsibilities and postponing the work with polite but fallacious excuses to begin with and then, they stopped answering my phone calls and email altogether. At that point, it became impossible for me to know when and how the construction work would get started.

Meanwhile, it was a matter of heavy duty building repairs, such as large cracks on the walls with rain infiltration, lack of thermal insulation at key points of the structure, misalignment of the terrace and roof slopes, let alone the consequences of such poor construction had on the interior of the apartment.

I begun to wonder if those repairs would ever be done and started to feel abused and powerless in that situation. This apartment was for me the result of hard work for many years. I was getting completely discouraged. Quickly, these feelings turned into anger and rage, and in that state of mind I found myself unable to find any solutions or to adopt a proper strategy. I was stuck in a deep black hole, deaf to any common sense.

In such distressful moments, I often turn toward Louise for her great ability to skillfully decrypt what through their wisdom the Tarot Arcanas have to reveal.

Thanks to the new perspective brought by a specific Tarot reading about the issue and the in-depth analysis that Louise made of the situation, I was able to calm down. The concise presentation of the arcanas symbols, their correspondence with the attitudes to avoid or to adopt, gave me the opportunity to understand how useless it was to be confronting, to fight alone, and to wait for any benevolent sign from the opposition. Sheltered by the energy generated by the reading, I was able to change my approach. I gathered more people who were going through the same story and I asked for a meticulous technical expertise from a trustworthy architect. This led us to proceed to an overall review of the entire apartment complex in order to lodge a shared complaint. After many months, the new strategy is baring fruits, the building repairs are scheduled for next month.

What struck me the most in Louise's work is that whatever form I choose: Path of Life, Monthly Readings, Personal Questions, her readings always resonate deeply at the core of my being. Mostly because they echo my own introspection, her readings are able to help me release my anxiety or other negative emotions which consequently allow me to gain a better perception of what is going on.

In another area of my life, not so long ago, I have been experiencing some sadness in regard to my nine-year-old grandson who was feeling very unhappy within his stressful familial context. As the situation was making me feel distressed and down I asked Louise for some advise. The study she made of my grandson's Path of Life, his abilities and skills, the lessons he has to learn in this life time, his bonds with his family and the role I have to play in my relationship with him, helped me to progressively get rid of my apprehension.

I also would like to add that because of their sagacity, Louise's readings do not indulge in vague interpretation. They give the opportunity to discover the appropriate decisions or to connect to the adequate attitude. In my grandson's case, because of what they revealed or explained, I was able to find the right approach in my intervention with his parents and to make the best choices within my grandmother's role.

Finally, because Louise's readings take into consideration the subtle aspects and the details of any situations they address, they give as a final result a beautiful mind opening and new frames of understanding. Now, this broaden awareness allows me to approach my grandson's painful experiences with a constructive attitude, away from the unproductive game of criticism and blame. This broadening ultimately has brought and keeps bringing more support to anyone involved.

If I were to encapsulate Louise's work in a few words... I would choose:
“Amazing and very useful!”

October 2010 - Sharing and photo by DC

[DC is one of my clients from Europe]