How To Articulate A Question

To articulate a question is first to engage yourself in a process of discovery and then to maintain yourself in an open-minded position. There is a well-known principle to, not only all Tarot readers, but also to anyone in a guiding or teaching position: the clearer the question, the clearer the answer.

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How to clarify your question:

Your question belongs to the YES/NO answer group.
Could you articulate your question so that it could be answered by a yes or a no?
The questions that belong to this group are often linked to a concrete, measurable, and palpable result in time and space.

For example, regarding your love relationships

  • Am I ready to commit to a love relationship right now?
  • instead of:
  • Am I going to meet the man/woman of my life one day?

For example, regarding your professional activity

  • Will my business/project/work be successful in a near future?
  • instead of:
  • Am I going to be successful in life?

Some examples of straightforward questions

  • Am I going to pass my exam?
  • Am I going to find a job?
  • Will my house sell well?

Your question belongs to the exploration question group: positive and negative aspects within a situation/behavior/project, etc...

For example, regarding some emotional aspects

  • What is behind my weight gain? my addiction to alcohol, to cigarettes, etc...
  • instead of:
  • When am I going to loose weight? to stop drinking, smoking?

For example, regarding your health

  • What are my supporting factors in my battle against my illness?
  • What is the message behind my health issue?
  • instead of:
  • Why me?

For example, regarding your spiritual life

  • What are the lessons behind my failure or behind my success? (whatever is the nature of your failure or success)
  • instead of:
  • When life is going to treat me well?

  • What are my attitudes, beliefs, that brought me to take this decision? (whatever was the nature of your decision)
  • instead of:
  • Are things are going to get better in my life? or who is right, who is wrong in my current situation?

Your question have more than one factors to it. (time, space, people factors...)
If yes, could you divide it into several short questions?

For example

  • Am I going to find a job in San Francisco? If yes: Am I going to find it in the next 3 months?
  • instead of:
  • Where, when and with whom am I going to work?

Your question belongs to the evolution question group: how a situation is going to evolve, whether it's a love, financial, professional, material, emotional, etc... situation?

For example, regarding your love relationships

  • How my couple is going to evolve?

For example, regarding your work

  • How am I going to evolve within my company?

If you cannot define or articulate your question, you can always call me or send me an email. The Tarot reader's pre-work is to bring clarity to the client's question and sometimes, after a short conversation, your question can shift to a more essential one, which can end up being quite different from the initial one.

If your question is clear in your mind, send it to me via email or give me a call. Please leave me a message if you cannot reach me right away. In both cases, you will get an answer from me within 24 hours in which I will give you an evaluation of your reading cost and the way to go further into the process of getting it.