"The rational mind, too preoccupied with its need for proof, is most of the time ruled by fear of making mistakes; the intuitive mind roams in the immensity of all potentials to meet a reality beyond reason." -LD

Louise Dollin, Tarologue, tarotDistance Reading

Why and how does it work?

Its principle

You are wondering about the validity of a distance reading. You would like to know more about its reliability and accuracy.
"... A distance reading is based on our capacity to be in the present moment without the barriers of time, space and out of the levels of reality inflicted by the rational mind."

How does it work?

It's fairly simple.

  • First I work with you on your question(s) over the telephone or via email.
  • Then, I suggest a draw in alignment with your situation and needs.
  • Then, I give you the cost of your consultation depending on its length.

Its Advantages

A distance reading allows you a total freedom in the way you listen to it. You can do so immediately in its entirety or little by little according to your availability. You are by yourself and therefore free to react to your liking, to meditate on it, to go back to specific parts...
You also have the choice to when and where you are going to listen to it. This is not the case with a phone or in-person appointment.
You have more time to write down your true questions that can be addressed during the follow-up.


  • For 45-minute readings (or less) you can choose to have it done over the phone or directly recorded
  • Readings longer than 45 minutes are only recorded
  • A free 15-minute follow-up (over the phone) is attached to distance readings that are 45-or-more minutes long
  • The waiting period between the time you make your request and the moment you get your reading is fairly short

Feel free to contact me for more information. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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