How To Choose A Reading

There are many ways to approach the Tarot. According to your wishes and needs, some readings are more appropriate than others. You will find here the necessary details that will help you to make a choice.

see also: How To Ask A Question

You would like:

An overview on your future regarding all areas of life: love, money, family, health, work, etc...

Recommended Reading: Six-month Projection
Other Appropriate Readings: 21-card Draw on 3 specific areas of your choice; Thematic Draw; Yearly Draw

An overview on a specific area of your life

Recommended Reading: The Wheel Draw
Other Appropriate Readings: Specific Question on one of the aspects within the chosen area

To know the evolution of a relationship, a business, a project, etc...

Recommended Reading: 13-card Cross; Pyramidal Draw
Other Appropriate Readings: Specific Question regarding the evolution of one aspect within the chosen area

To know your compatibility with someone, whatever is the nature of your relationship (spouse; business partner; mother-daughter; etc...)

Recommended Reading: Comparative Charts; Love Relationships
Other Appropriate Readings: Specific Question on one or more aspects of your relationship

To deepen your understanding of your self, to know your strengths and weaknesses, your advantages and challenges, etc…

Recommended Reading: Path of Life Reading
Other Appropriate Readings: The "Onion" Reading, which addresses the different fundamental layers attached to your issue

If none of these readings correspond to your current needs, feel free to contact or email me. The Tarot reader's work is also to stimulate clarity within anyone's request.

If you have made your choice, send me your reading request via email with all the required details that you can find on the page How To Request A Reading?.