Business Names. You are about to create a company, a business venture. It's your initiative, your project. You have invested a lot of yourself in it.
To give it a name that would reflect in essence what it's all about and that would correspond to who you are is important to you.
You would like to share a part of your identity with your business creation.

Business Names


This reading suggests names for your business that:

  • Match your energy
  • Reflect your strength
  • Hold your power
  • Delineate your principles
  • Suit your goals
  • Communicate who you are

The Business Name reading is based on your Path of Life study and the ones of your main associates or cofounders in correlation to the nature of your business.


  • 10 business names that match who you deeply are
  • Recorded commentaries on each suggested name
  • 24/7 online access to your reading


Having completed my 'first pass' listening to the pointers toward a business name and direction, I am filled with hope, faith and confirmation for the space in which my heart and soul have been directing me. The beauty of work you do, the insights you offer, are in the spaces between the words... It is as if a tiny seed of light has been dropped into my being, sending out ripples of understanding, providing a backdrop for my own discernment. I feel the ripples are both endless and yet easily revisited as my own awareness continues it journey of awakening. The gratitude within my being that our paths have crossed feels boundless...

Ellen K. ~ AZ-USA


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