Parenting Support. You consider your children's education like a duty toward them. You would like to offer them the best part of yourself.
And yet, you catch yourself not listening to their true needs; not wanting to acknowledge their differences. This is internally bothering you, but you can't help it.
You are watching them growing up and in some aspects they are becoming foreigners to you and you don't understand why it's like that. You deeply wish to understand them in who they are and be able to support them in their development, even if it takes forms that you cannot grasp.

Parenting Support


The Parenting Support reading gives you:

  • An understanding of your child's nature
  • A vision of your child's innate potential
  • A comprehension of your child's challenges
  • An analysis of your child's unique needs
  • A sense of what you can bring to your child
  • A sense of what your child brings you

The Parenting Support reading is based on the the study of the comparison between the parents' and the child/children's Paths of Life. This reading is specifically done to support the parents in their education and mentoring roles toward their child/children.
This reading is appropriate for really young children to the time they become young adult. To work on a relationship between parents and children who have reach adulthood, the Comparative Chart reading is more appropriate.
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  • 60-minute audio recording or more depending on the number of children
  • Detailed and comprehensive information on your relationship with your child/children
  • Free 15-minute follow-up (over the phone)
  • 24/7 online access to your reading

Parenting Support for


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(Comes with an image of the parents' and children's Paths of Life.)