Monthly Reading. You would like to feel supported throughout the year that you sense to be an important one this year. To know more about it would make your life easier.
At the beginning of each month, you have the tendency to renew your commitments, your promise to yourself or others.
Then, life takes over and you forget about them.
You would like to have concrete and regular reminders that would encourage and support you all along the year.

Monthly Reading

Yearly Subscription


Monthly Reading focuses on:

  • The energies at play
  • The field of your opportunities
  • The areas of challenges
  • The major movements
  • The supportive aspects

The subscription to the Monthly Reading is available all year long at the beginning of each month.


  • 10-minute audio recording per month for 12 months
  • 24/7 online access to your reading

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It has been a wonderful few years being with you and hearing your readings. They have been most helpful and informative for me as I have moved through many challenges in the last 5+ years. It is always nice to know that at the beginning of the month I would have a guidepost of sorts to meet the energies that are up for that time moment. Your readings are always helpful, accurate to a fineness that is hard to describe and with resonance.

Cornelia B. ~ MN-USA


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and you will receive all the technical details to access it.
Your reading is available online in a private account created for you.

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