Six-month Projection. It's the beginning of a new year, or it's soon your birthday, and you feel the need to be guided, somehow informed in order to start off well this new period.
You have some questions regarding your couple, your position at work, you would like to travel, you need a vacation, and you are wondering if all of that is possible.
You are tossing all these ideas in your mind.

Six-month Projection


This reading gives you:

  • An overview for the next six months
  • A sense of your focus points
  • The area of challenges
  • An understanding of what is at stake
  • A vision of the energies at play around you
  • A forecast of the easy and challenges aspects
  • A projection of events and movements during that period


  • 75+-minute audio recording
  • Detailed and comprehensive information on all the movements during this period
  • Free 15-minute follow-up (over the phone)
  • 24/7 online access to your reading

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