Love Relationships. You feel attracted without a doubt, and yet some uncertainty in the back of your mind floats above the beginning of your relationship.
Over the years, you feel disillusioned and yet is a separation a solution?
So many questions in suspense regarding a couple relationship, whether it is recent, consecrated or damaged through time.
To know the other is an incomparable blessing and to be understood, a fundamental necessity within a couple relationship.

Love Relationships


The comparative study between a couple's paths of life reveals:

  • Your compatibility as a couple
  • Your ideal man/partner
  • your ideal woman/partner
  • Your pitfalls and challenges
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • What brings resolution to your conflicts

This analysis can be applied to other types of relationships such as:
business partners, teammates, colleagues.
As well as, parents, children, brother & sister, family members, friends...
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  • 80+-minute audio recording
  • Detailed and comprehensive information regarding your couple
  • Free 15-minute follow-up (over the phone)
  • 24/7 online access to your reading

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