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The Arcanas Gallery

  • One way to impart the history of the Tarot is to see the cards. Here, in the Arcanas Gallery, you will find some decks that are considered as historical milestones and some others that are pure source of inspiration and beauty.

The Jugian Tarot
by Dr. Robert Wang

An aid in the process of "active imagination" proposed by Carl G. Jung

Message from the Gallery

The Jugian Tarot - by Dr. Robert Wang

The Jungian tarot was developed as a visual introduction to Jungian psychology.

His author, Dr. Robert Wang, is an internationally known artist and art historian specialized in the history and evolution of symbol systems.

As for all Tarot decks presented in the Arcanas Gallery, you can open several cards at once et move them around on your computer screen.

You can also see a Commented Version of this gallery. This one is different from the other Tarot decks presented in the Arcanas Gallery. You will find the main archetypes linked to each major arcana but keep in mind that there are more than one archetype by arcana.
The information provided here remains very succinct and does not reflect by any means the complexity and the analytical depth behind the archetypal imagery.

The images of the Tarot within the Gallery are here as a source of visual inspiration and for your information. If you wish, you can find on this page links that will provide you with practical information regarding where to buy some of these Tarot decks.