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The Arcanas Gallery

  • One way to impart the history of the Tarot is to see the cards. Here, in the Arcanas Gallery, you will find some decks that are considered as historical milestones and some others that are pure source of inspiration and beauty.

Oswald Wirth Tarot Deck
Occultist and kabbalist at the end of the 19th century

Wirth's Tarot deck is inspired from the Marseille tradition and other decks of the time

Message from the Gallery

Oswald Wirth Tarot Deck

Oswald Wirth, master of symbolism, wrote important pieces that have become classics in Tarot literature. "LE TAROT des imagiers du Moyen Age" (translated in English as: THE TAROT of the Magicians") is considered, among the Tarot readers, as essential for apprenticeship in the art of the symbolic interpretation of the Tarot.

Inspired by the "Tarot des Bohémiens" (Tarot of the Gypsies) by Papus, the arcanas are accompanied by their corresponding Hebrew letters.

As for all Tarot decks displayed in the Arcanas Gallery, you can open several cards at once et move them around on your computer screen.

You can also see a Commented Version of this gallery where the arcanas are accompanied by their positive and negative attributes.

However, these few keywords do not reflect all the possible reading levels for each arcana and they do not offer a synthesis of their interconnectedness either. These commentaries do not take into consideration the variations that exist between the Tarot decks presented in the Arcanas Gallery. Those variations can bring the interpreter into various directions and sometime they could be radically different.

The images of the Tarot within the Gallery are here as a source of visual inspiration and for your information. If you wish, you can find on this page links that will provide you with practical information regarding where to buy some of these Tarot decks.