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The Arcanas Gallery

  • One way to impart the history of the Tarot is to see the cards. Here, in the Arcanas Gallery, you will find some decks that are considered as historical milestones and some others that are pure source of inspiration and beauty.

Tarot Decks - Information & Links

There are hundreds of Tarot decks to choose from and often one deck has been the inspirational source for another one. This was true in the past and it's still the case today. The Arcanas Gallery displays just a few decks for now. Come back regularly, other Tarot decks will be presented in the future.

Where to find Tarot decks?

You can buy Tarot decks in most large bookstores, often in the spiritual section, along with astrology, numerology, etc...

You can also order them from online bookstores.

Here are a few major online links. I listed the ones that offer some historical information and a large choice of Tarot decks. More to come later.

Visconti-Sforza Tarot Deck

Though its editor considers that deck the oldest deck in the world, no one actually knows and the Tarot historians are very carefully not to draw any quick conclusion. This is a superb Tarot deck. This is the one you can see here in the Gallery. This deck is most of the time recommended for seasoned readers.

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Universal Oswald Wirth Tarot Deck

This deck is also displayed in the Arcanas Gallery. It is considered a must for serious Tarot studends and collectors. One of the most important decks that have influenced adepts and scholars.

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