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The Newsletter is an open window onto the world through the Tarot's lens. Its purpose is to offer inspirational material in order to expand our perception of reality. It is based on the vibration principle attached to the current year.

It's a monthly Newsletter. There is no ads attached to it and your email address is kept confidential.

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  • By email : simply send me an email and I will answer you very quickly.
  • Do not forget to include your phone number in your email if you are requesting a phone appointment.
  • by skype : tarotvision
  • By phone: 858-345-2571 (USA) (02)6658-6343 (Australia)

Sometimes reaching out it's what we need to do ...

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I wish to sincerely thank those who have made a contribution to the creation of this website including:

  • Dominique Martigne - French designer and developer, whose artistic talents, technical expertise and dedication has been outstanding. He created the entire scenography of the site. He also contributed his own artwork and photography to enhance its esthetics and help to communicate the essence of what I have to offer. [Dominique Martigne]
  • Dominique Coze - French translator of Insightful Vision articles and Newsletter, whose skills to translate not only words but style and spirit behind them have been invaluable.
  • Dany Toubiana - Journalist, whose words and vision which help the readers to connect to my work as a Tarot reader have been a precious help.
  • Kelly McCartney - American writer and senior editor, whose knowledge of the English language and her judicious advice in that matter have been indispensable. [Kelly McCartney]