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Major Arcanas X The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel-of-Fortune Personality

Note: The Wheel-of-Fortune personality in woman or man concept directly comes from your path of life also referred as Tarot Chart Sequence. Click on this page to review the explanations.

The Wheel-of-Fortune Personality in Woman

Love Life

I like freedom of movements and freedom of thinking. It’s essential for me to bring vital interrogations to my loved ones and together pierce the enigma of life. Though I have a strong sense of my own responsibilities in any given situation, I am playful and mischievous, which make me sometime appearing all over the place. I simply like to have fun. A good sense of humor is very attractive to me. Make me laugh and I'll be yours.

It’s very important for me to be able to trust people so that I can fully invest in our relationship.

My motto is: “Life is my Master.”

Business Profile

I am quick and witty. I like to move on and leave what doesn't work. Like Mr. Wheel of Fortune, I am adaptable and flexible. I can easily make appreciation mistakes in regard to business situations. The way I get out of it is by finding unbelievable routes to get where I wanted to go. Mistakes actually brings my creativity to the forefront.

I am motivated and emancipated in my approach to business partnership. I don’t do well with rusty institutions. I am innovative in the way I carry myself in a group. I don’t necessarily blend easily even though I am very adaptable.

I am curious and opened to new technologies, new approaches, new techniques. I am instinctive in fixing things or putting bits and pieces together. I am a supporter of any forms of evolution. I believe that there a or several solutions for any issues and I easily dedicate my energy to find them.

The Wheel-of-Fortune Personality in Man

Love Life

I am reliable and I feel comfortable with my established routines, which might not always create the space that the other needs in order to feel influent in my life. This aspect of my being can annoy others because they don’t feel that they have any impact on me.

However, from my perspective, once I commit to a relationship nothing really can distract me. I easily create a close tie around it and wish for nothing else but what I've already gotten. I am therefore relatively patient when crisis occurs.

My motto is: “With time everything comes back.”

Business Profile

I bring a form of flexibility to existing structures. I like to innovate within the field I am knowledgeable in. I am not necessary super efficient and I generally compensate by a good report with people. Contrary to the woman Wheel of Fortune, I am not that fast. I need to have good quality time to be productive.

I like to ask questions, gather information so that I understand better the people I offer my services to. The more I comprehend people’s needs the better I adapt to their situations.

As a boss, I have the tendency to be generous and to give beyond my means because I often look for people’s appreciation. I am a little bit paternalist, which gives me the profile of a good guy and at the same time keeps me in a position of control.

I like open space and open dialog with my colleagues or employees.