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Major Arcanas X The Wheel of Fortune

Ascending Spiral or Vicious Circle?

Roue-de-Fortune : spirale ascendante ou cercle vicieuxThe eternal question from the Wheel of Fortune

Ascending Spiral or Vicious Circle? Exposed in that way it's not so difficult to choose the movement you would like your life to reflect.

How to accept the opportunities and the changes that life offers.
To be at a beginning of a new life cycle, to take the risks that are inherent to any starting points which in return, can protect you from falling into a mere repetition of what you've done before, requires courage and willingness that the Hermit, the preceding arcana to the Wheel of Fortune, has brought to you.

By definition a cycle is a course or series of events or operations that occur regularly and usually lead back to a new starting point. So, it's spring again with all it's promises for growth.

However watch out for repetitions of the same old patterns that have proven to be inefficient, restrictive and debilitating. Detect under which disguises the same well oiled mechanisms hide and insinuate that you are better off with what you've known than with what you could discover.