arcane XI

Major Arcanas XI Strength

Light and Shadow of Strength

True Authority Versus Abuse of Power

La Force -Autorité souple contre abus de pouvoirThe energy involved in the vibration 11 has a great potential that can be expressed into two opposite forms.

The first, the most expansive one, can bring to the forefront a quality (that the world community is craving for), which is called true authority. True authority is based on respect and detachment in order to serve the highest interests of all parties involved for any given situation. This leadership requests firmness but no rigidity, alignment with higher principals but no indoctrination, strength but no violence, mastery but no domination.

The second, the most contracted one can bring exactly the opposite. Abuse of power is based on a narrowing down of the platform of interests which is then meant to serve just a few people rather than a larger community that is directly or indirectly linked to it. Then external authority is used to make it happen the way a minority desires to see it manifested.

2009 for instance, has beckoned us to watch these two forms that the vibration 11 can take, whether they exist at a global or individual scale and constantly redefine the purpose of each action we take in order to maintain harmony among all forces at play.