Major Arcanas VIIII The Hermit

The Hermit Personality

Note: The Hermit personality in woman or man concept directly comes from your path of life also referred as Tarot Chart Sequence. Click on this page to review the explanations.

The Hemit Personality in Woman

Her Love Life

I am the one who would find the strength to wait if I know the waitt is worth it. I am looking for independence within relationships but ready to work hard to make it functional and I am not afraid of crisis. I see them as salutary steps as long as they can be overcome. However, I am capable of detachment and will at some point let go of an impossible relationship.

Hermit Female © D.MartigneI also have made solitude a friend with whom I can spend a lot of time. I like nocturnal ambiance. I can be intense and tenacious until I obtain satisfaction. My offering to my loved ones is precious to my eyes. I often appear on the outside as strong and determined person with leadership qualities. I am acutely aware of my role model responsibility.

"My motto is: “The one who doesn’t seek cannot find.”

Her Business Profile

I can assume any tasks and particularly the difficult ones. I am selective in the way I communicate my knowledge. I need to see if the other party is willing to listen and take in what I have to offer, otherwise I won’t waste my time. I naturally protect assets and intellectual property. It’s easy for me to hold confidential matters.

I am extremely thorough and don’t do well with job half done or half baked. I do not reach any conclusion unless I explore all avenues and possibilities prior to a change of direction. I also make sure that the new chosen route can hold its value with time. I don’t like to compromise my ideal and don’t easily get impress by the first results, I prefer waiting to see what would be next before declaring victory. I say what I think and often my silence is even more expressive than my words.

Time is my ally.

The Hermit Personality in Man

His love Life

I am solitary among others and often border line anti- social. I don’t easily mix up with a group and stay on the outside line. I am a seeker and don’t hesitate to take from others in order to learn. Hermite Male © D.MartigneThis is what creates some of my issues in relationships. I am not afraid of hard work and sustained efforts, however I might find myself abusing other people’s generosity to find some rest during my journey.

When it comes to my own personal growth I can become greedy or I can cling to a state of crisis as if it represents a proof that I am moving forward. It is hard for me to commit to a relationship since there is so much to discover and also because I feel detached from others even though I love them.

My motto is: “Solitude is far greater than bad company.”

Son profil en affaires

I am a hard worker and relentless at achieving my goals even if it takes a long time. I am cautious in the way I approach anything, I like to test and comprehend fully any field, any idea, any project before I commit to it. I need to know the value on which any endeavor is based on. My acts need to lie on the highest values.

I don’t like to rush while making decisions, I want to study, reflect and take advantage of my experiences. I constantly grow in mental strength which gives me my endurance and tenacity to do whatever it takes. I am not a team member per se but like to contribute for the better. I need time to process my experiences and therefore solitude is indispensable for my being.

The path that leads to a goal is as important that the goal itself.