Major Arcanas VIIII The Hermit

Love for Whom?

If You Think That Love Is Just For Intimate Relationships, Think Bigger.

hermite-amour en cage © D.MartigneWithin the Tarot of Marseille, the Hermit, the ninth arcana, represents the one who has accomplished the inner journey and comes back to help others along the path. There is a profound humanitarian energy that is linked to the vibration 9.

The Hermit thinks big.

  • He thinks of mankind and its needs.
  • He thinks of planet earth and its requirements.

Through his achievement, the Hermit is capable of holding the big picture in mind and see what supports a particular step along the way.

Therefore, he strongly encourages us to widen our thinking and review our motivations. In another words, it is not enough to love our family and friends. The Hermit summons us to reach out to areas that we haven’t felt concerned by, though they are a global concern on their own.

This vibration 9 opens us up to a new approach to life. It urges us to let go of conventional ways of percieving global or personal matters. It prepares us to say good bye to the old and be ready to welcome the new.