Major Arcanas VIIII The Hermit

Do we know what it takes to be
who we really are?

Who are the Hermit’s allies?

Time and perseverance.

What does support the Hermit in his quest for the Truth?

His unshakable knowledge of who he is and a real understanding of his true needs.

The Hermit within us represents the courage to face what needs to end in our lives and what needs to begin. This is relevant not only at an individual level but also on a global scale as well. If fear, discouragement, humiliation, isolation have created a chasm on which we have built relationships, we are doomed to experience dependance and neediness at many levels.

A year vibration 9, like 2007, brought or could have brought us back to our inner resources that we have forgotten or sold off for a minute piece of security or comfort. A year 9 is a perfect year to take back ownership of our inner world.

The Hermit is often associated with the figures of the monk, the ascetic or the saddhu. These figures incarnate a form of renunciation. Some people would perceive that they all have the power to resist temptations. Others would see that they all have an incredible faculty to know their true needs. The Hermit is beckoning us to regain control upon our illusory needs that leave us greedy for more of what generates the gap between us and who we really are.