Reflections on The Tarot Arcanas

You will find here new articles that will allow you to deepen your self growth. In that way, you will be able to:

Ponder some aspects carried by the arcanas.
Find confirmations to some of your questions.
Penetrate the arcanas' hidden meaning and symbols.

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Contemplations & Reflections
on The 22 Major Arcanas

Progressively, the 22 major arcanas will be approached and commented from different perspectives. Later on, other articles will come and complete our reflection on the Tarot, its construction, its arcanas, and the inexhaustible wealth of its symbolic language.

Discover the wealth of your Tarot Chart Sequence. Compare it with the person you love and understand the depth of your complementarity.

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Your Personality According To your Identity Arcana

Indeed, the 22 major arcanas carry qualities that exist in human nature, which constitute someone's personality caracteristics.

Your Path of Life or Tarot Chart Sequence is the union of five major arcanas in a specific order.
The first arcana corresponds to your identy arcana, which defines the sigularities of your personality.

If the Wheel-of-Fortune is your first arcana

tarot online

To know your five Tarot Cards, click on this link, which will allow you to calculate your arcanas online.
The process is quick and relatively inexpensive.