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"Our animal nature, carved by thousands of years of evolution, holds its own wisdom; it cannot follow the rhythm and speed of our own reasonings. It is that nature which from the depths of the ages is asking, today, to be heard through the language of Eros."

Guy Corneau

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Welcome to Louise Dollin's Website!

"You did a Path of Life reading for me this past July. I have not had anything so incredibly helpful as this, truly. I have been listening to it, or parts of it almost daily ever since. You and your words have become like a mantra for me. Right after I received it I started doing breath-work therapy along with Constellation of Intention work. It has been amazing and also exhausting. Your reading and your delivery of the words has helped me every minute of the way. You also did a Path of Life reading for one of my friend. We have listened to each other's readings together and it has been remarkable in so many ways. So thank you for doing this work and being who you are."
In deep gratitude, Gretchen T. - MN- USA

With over 25 years of experience as a Tarot Reader and an explorer of the human psyche, Louise’s Tarot Readings have no borders. People all around the world come and seek Louise’s interpretation which is unique in its depth and accurate in its projection.

2018 - NEW ARTICLE Alliance and Coherence With Yourself


2018 is the year of Strength XI according to Tarot numerology. It’s the season of alignment.
What could be the major obstacle...

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NEW ~ The Minor Arcanas Gallery - Grimaud Editions

Mineur Arcanas

This online gallery is made available so that you can see the minor arcanas present in your readings and particularly for those of you who are monthly reading subscribers. .

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Possibility to purchase the reading corresponding to your personal year for 2018

October an energy transition going unnoticed most of the time!

Transition from 10 to 11

- The month of October marks the subtle transition between one vibration and the next -
It’s during the month of October that the first faltering steps, murmurs and beginnings of the upcoming season take place. It will be from a universal view point, the season 11 so-called “alignment.”

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Quotes & Words in correlation to 2017 & Wheel-of-Fortune

Quotes & Words

- Collection of quotes reflecting the energy of the Wheel-of-Fortune -
Another way to approach the Tarot and find Its truth, embodied not only in images but in words.

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Tarot and Psychogenealogy New Articles

Genealogy - Article 1

- What if a conscious failure was a subconscious victory -
What actually happens if while an apparent and recurrent issue is indeed a subconscious solution to something else, deeper and buried within a human being’s individual and familial subconscious minds...

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Généalogy - Article 2

- Uncharted pilgrimages with the Tarot as a road companion -
As with most families, mine has its own intermingling singular stories, its load of secrets, taboos, and unspoken words. As Louise formulated it at the beginning of my reading: “We are built on our parents’ life experiences, grand-parents, great grand-parents, etc…

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Possibility to purchase the reading corresponding to your personal year for 2018

YOUR BIRTH TAROT CHART Discover a unique portrait of yourself

Tarot Charts

For the sake of supporting people, Louise has created an amazing Tarot Software that delivers your Birth Tarot Chart. This tool has helped so many people in search of understanding of their own lives and insights into their relationships. It's a very simple tool to use. It provides you with relevant and valuable information if you are stepping into your journey of self-discovery.

“I was really surprised when I did the software reading for myself how much information and understanding I was able to gain. It is a really inexpensive way to be introduced to the Tarot and since everything in my reading made a lot of sense and felt very true.” Diane C. - Peru

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Path of Life

Louise offers a wide range of private readings at distance or face-to-face. She is the expert in the Path of Life interpretation. She has made this reading her signature as a Tarot reader. Psychologists and therapists recommend Louise’s work. “The work you’ve done with Louise was equivalent to about 5 years psychotherapy.” said an Australian psychologist. This is how powerful the Tarot as a tool can be and how much support a master of that tool can bring.

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“Your insights, wisdom, knowing were spot on and very helpful. I'm very grateful, and felt very seen. So thank you.” Charlie H. Minneapolis MN - USA

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